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South African Football Players Union(SAFPU)

Contact Person: Nganzwane Mqwathi
Address: 6th Floor Unity House 17 Biccard Street cnr Smit Street Braamfontein
City: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Phone Number: + 27 + 11 + 339-4911
Fax Number: + 27 + 11 + 339-5080
General Information: Sectors Organised: Football Players

Membership: 147

What is SAFPU

The South African Football Players Union was registered as the trade union on the 7th May 1997.

SAFPU organise football players playing in the premier soccer league PSL and national soccer league (NSL) first

The union held its first national congress on the 11 -
12 february 2002 in kempton park where its current national
office bearers were elected.

The Office Bearers Are:

1. Nganzawe Mqwathi

2. John Moeti

3. Roger De Sa

4. Cappy Matutoane

5. John Goodwin

6. Themba Sitole

Additional Executive Members:

1. Doctor Khumalo

2. Chris Fortuin

3. Mike Rapatsa

We have 350 members registered with us and 95% of them
are playing in the PSI.

SAFPU has since its inception set, itself broad strategic

  • To improve the material & working conditions of
    its members by establishing provident fund, insurance
    fund, education fund and any other general fund.

  • To organise the unorganised hundreds of football players
    who still need to be unionised. Many such players are
    still afraid to join the union due to victimisation. SATPU
    will take care of this.

  • To ensure participation in the transformation and development
    of the football industry.

We have the right and duty to shape new policies like the
transfere system and law, to negotiate new conditions of

Did You Know:

  • That SAFPU is the only registered trade union for football
    players in South Africa?

  • That SAFPU offers all members in good standing, FREE
    legal advises & representation in all labour matters.

  • That SAFPU remains committed to fighting for better
    working conditions for all its members.

  • That SAFPU is an affiliate and represents its members
    in all the international federation of professional football
    players unions ( FIFPro ) ?

  • That SAFPU is an affiliate of the congress of South
    African trade unions ( COSATU ) ?

Aims and Objectives:

  • To protect and improve the conditions of the employment
    of the football players.

  • To secure minimum rates of remuneration's.

  • To provide legal assistance and advice in connection
    with labour disputes.

  • To promote a positive image and improve the relationship
    between the players and the supporters and the wider community
    in a democratic South Africa in order to enjoy the confidence
    and co-operation of the society we serve.

  • To seek to ensure equality of treatment fair representation
    for all players and to work for the elimination of discrimination
    of the grounds of race, gender, disability, creed and
    any other unfair grounds of discrimination.

  • To strive to establish economic and social justices
    for all members by means of regulating relationships between
    players and their employees.

  • To secure the settlement of disputes arising from players
    employment and to participate in any collective bargaining

  • To protect the employment of soccer players, to advance
    their employment prospects and generally to do things
    that will serve the interest of the players socially and
    legally in their individual and collective capacity.

  • To encourage the settlement of disputes by concilliary
    methods. To strive for improvements of wages and conditions
    of service for all members and to strive for healthy and
    safe working conditions for all members.

  • To provide and promote project training, training courses,
    seminars and other educational facilities in order to
    encourage self improvement and self preparation.

  • To promote, safeguard and improve the interests and
    status of members and the union as a whole.

  • To promote fair representation in all union structures
    for members. To promote, maintain and contribute to schemes
    of funds for the financial, physical and social welfare
    of members and their dependants.

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