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The Gender Advocacy Programme (GAP)

Contact Person: Pumla Mncayi
Address: 7th Floor, Ruskin House 2 Roeland Street 8001
City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Postal Code: 8001
Phone Number: 021) 465 0197
Fax Number: (021) 465 0089
General Information: The Gender Advocacy Programme (GAP) is an independent, non-governmental advocacy and lobbying organisation based in Cape Town, where it originated as a grassroots initiative. We see our position as bridging the gap between women in civil society and structures of governance and to increase the participation of women in policy formulation and decision-making. We conduct research and training in order to facilitate, mobilise, link and empower women to lobby for equity between men and women in all spheres of South African society.

GAP's main aim is to serve as a conduit between key decision-makers and marginalised women. We seek to ensure women's equal access to and full participation in structures of power and decision-making at all levels of government, political parties and communities. To achieve this, GAP focuses on the needs identified by marginalised women, urban and rural, and seeks to create a space for women to effectively influence political decision-making, legislation and policy. To ensure that we represent the experiences and interests of women from marginalised communities, we facilitate interaction between decision-makers and women from civil society.

GAP has adopted the role of "policy midwives", by translating the legal jargon of legislation into accessible language so that marginalised women can advocate and lobby for themselves. Integral to our work is communication and networking with legislators and policy-makers to lobby them to ensure that legislation and state policy reflect the needs of marginalised women. Due to the nature of our work, GAP makes a concerted effort to network with relevant role players to strengthen attempts to influence government policy, legislation and decision-making processes, and ultimately contribute to a society where women and men are equal.

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