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South African Prisoners' Organisation for Human Rights

Contact Person: Golden Miles Bhudu
Address: 187 Bree Street cnr Rissik Street
City: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Phone Number: 27 (011) 832 1007
Fax Number: +27 (011) 832 1044
General Information: Recognising the desperate position of newly-released prisoners, the South African Prisoners Organisation for Human Rights plans to conduct research in prisons in the KwaZulu -Natal region with a view to creating a data base of prisoners and their skills. Many prisoners are released into society with no homes or family left to go to. They have no option but to remain on the streets, hence exposing them to further crime in order to survive. SAPOHR plans to use the results of its research to create halfway houses for these prisoners where their present skills will be developed further, professionally. Some of the activities planned at these halfway houses will be gardening, block-making, tailoring, literacy classes and communication skills, computer literacy, psychological services, etc. Prisoners will earn an income which will be generated from their labour. Ex-prisoners will be offered accommodation for a six month period, taking advantage of our skills-training programme and rehabilitation. However, our services will also be extended to those wishing to embark on a "day course" in skills training and rehabilitation.

SAPOHR's aim in creating these halfway houses is not to create permanent residency for newly-released prisoners but to instill in them a sense of self-sufficiency and preparedness for re-integration into society. We will also prepare them to compete equitably on the labour market with follow-up education programmes and employment support.

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