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Address: 153 Main Road
City: Grand River North West
Country: Republic of Mauritius
Phone Number: 230 - 208 2132
Fax Number: 230 - 208 5551
General Information:

Lalit is a party unlike others. It spans the decades (because of its flexibility?), and it spans different kinds of political struggle (through the stubborn persistence of our members’ believing in them?). Lalit draws on the history of the working people of Mauritius, Africa, India, and on the accumulated experience of all the great struggles and revolutions of the whole world. Lalit nurtures a love of and respect for ordinary people, and gives value to their ongoing quest for freedom, equality, justice, ecology and women’s liberation. Lalit has published volumes of theoretical analyses, newspapers, tracts, leaflets, posters, open letters, documents for circulation in branches, and has a wonderful documentation centre for members. Our members are well known for turning the State’s numerous attacks against us (for sticking up posters, for going on strike, for demonstrations, for molesting policemen, for “blasphemy”) into defeat for the State.
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