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The United Nations Development Programme (South Africa))

Phone Number: (012) 338 5063
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General Information: UNDP IN SOUTH AFRICA

UNDP is the UN's global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life.

The UNDP has deployed its global resources in support of the Millennium Development Goals, particularly that of halving poverty by 2015. UNDP's focus in South Africa is to help government and civil society build and share solutions to the challenges of local governance; poverty reduction; energy and environment; and HIV/AIDS.

Country Challenges
In South Africa there is consensus that the Millennium Development Goals should guide all environmental and developmental thinking. Challenges include: a broader understanding of the poverty-environment-growth nexus; the rapidly progressing HIV/AIDS epidemic affecting a quarter of the population; the constraints faced by the government system in delivering services to the poor; the need for stronger linkages between development programmes and environmental conservation.

A brief history
Before 1994, UNDP supported the anti-apartheid struggle as well as efforts to lay the foundations for a post-apartheid society. After the election of 1994, UNDP's Executive Board accepted South Africa as a programme country and a country office was established in Pretoria.

The UNDP country office is headed by a Resident Representative, who, as the UN Resident Coordinator, also coordinates the development activities of the United Nations system in South Africa.

Pilot initiatives were launched to respond to South Africa's urgent needs until a comprehensive Country Cooperation Framework (CCF) was finalised in 1997. The first CCF (1997-2001) aimed at reducing poverty and inequality in South Africa through two major programmes: creating sustainable livelihoods, and promoting sound governance.

Second Country Cooperation Framework (2002-2006)
The current CCF aims to help the South African government translate some of its policies and strategies into practice so that there is greater social and economic transformation, particularly in the poorest rural areas.

UNDP will continue to bring together diverse partners to share ideas, lessons, expertise and models for democratic governance and equitable development from all over the world.

The current CCF programmes are centred around: policy analysis for human development, supporting poverty reduction through local governance; a holistic response to HIV/AIDS and poverty; and strengthening the link between environmental conservation and development.

Partnerships have been established with central, provincial and local government in four priority provinces: Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo and Northwest.
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