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Address: PO Box 10005 Caledon Square
City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Postal Code: 7905
Phone Number: (021) 422 1225
Fax Number: (021) 422 1550
General Information: NICRO is a national crime prevention non-profit organization working towards a safer South Africa.

The (offender reintegration, community victim support, diversion and youth development and the economic opportunities project) offer varied ways of achieving our dream of a safer South Africa.

The services are offered in all nine provinces.

NICRO offers a micro-loan scheme, NICRO Enterprise Finance, to those wanting to start their own businesses in conjunction with training services offered through the economic opportunities project.

The annual NICRO Whistle Awards honour those ordinary citizens who undertake extraordinary work towards a safer South Africa. The annual NICRO Creative Arts Awards for prison art [click to view gallery] offer prisoners a chance to show their creative potential (the art on this website is prison art), and the Esther Lategan Study Bursary for prisoners encourages further study in prison, and the Esther Lategan Study Bursary for children of prisoners assists those children to continue with school. The NICRO- Juta Write for a Safer South Africa gathers young people's thoughts on crime prevention.

NICRO encourages people to take 100% responsibility for their actions
NICRO challenges those who do wrong to repair the damage as far as possible
NICRO encourages Victims to become Victors
NICRO bases its programmes on people-centred development and restorative justice
NICRO focuses on under-resourced areas
NICRO sees thousands of success stories and know that people - even those who have faced the toughest of lives - can succeed
We are moved by the goodwill of individuals, groups and communities and need to harness this to work towards our vision of a safer South Africa for all
We have witnessed the rebuilding of whole communities through community safety work and volunteerism
NICRO challenges South Africans who complain about crime to put that time to more use and assist us and others working towards a safer South Africa. You could do this in many ways, but if you can help NICRO, please do.
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