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Southern African Migration Project

Address: Kingston
Country: Canada
General Information:

Migration is one of the major development and management challenges confronting the SADC region in the 21st century. As in many other areas, greater regional cooperation is an important step in confronting the challenges and exploiting the opportunities of migration. With adequate knowledge and appropriate management of these flows, migration can contribute to greater economic growth and social development in Southern Africa. The Southern African Migration Project (SAMP) was established in 1996 to encourage and support new regional approaches and policies on migration. To have any chance of success, SAMP believes that national and regional immigration policy must be based on the best possible information and analysis.

SAMP is an international partnership network linking organizations in Canada and six Southern African states committed to collaborative research, training, public education and policy development on migration issues, funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

The SAMP project has four main components: applied migration research, policy advice and monitoring, migration training and public education. During the period 1996-99, the primary focus was on cross-border migration to South Africa. From 2000, the program will be more regional in character.

Project Objectives
The overall objectives of the project are:

To facilitate and enhance regional cooperation in migration research, management and policy-making in Southern Africa
To generate sound and reliable information on migration dynamics, trends and impacts and to disseminate such information to decision-makers
To promote awareness of the role and contribution of migrants, immigrants and refugees to host societies

Project Outputs
The Project has been designed to produce four major outputs:

Accurate information, data and analysis on the operation of the contemporary Southern African migration regime
Policy analysis and recommendations to the governments of the SADC
Public education materials designed to enhance public awareness on the role, status and contribution of foreign immigrants within Southern Africa
Analysis of the projected social and economic impacts of new policy initiatives

Project Activities
Project objectives and outputs will be achieved through the following interrelated activities:

A multi-year programme of cooperative research on key policy-related dimensions of contemporary migration in the Southern African region
The convening of workshops, conferences and seminars to discuss and develop new policy initiatives around the issue of intra-regional migration
Production of outputs for dissemination to governments and interest groups in Southern Africa
Policy recommendations on request to governments, parliamentary committees, regional bodies and policy makers and legislators
Training programme for migration managers

Project Research
The primary objective of the SAMP project is to generate regarding the character, dimensions, causes and impacts of cross-border population migration within and to the countries of the SADC region. To achieve this objective, SAMP has a major ongoing programme of applied research. During the period 2000-4, the following have been identified as priority themes:

Establishment of electronic regional migration data base
National household poverty and migration surveys
Citizen attitudes to immigrants, refugees and migration policy
Border management and regional cooperation
Women's and children migration
Regional labour market and economic impacts of migration
Globalization and transnational migration
Immigration and refugee law
Migration and HIV/AIDS
SAMP also has the capacity to respond to particular requests for information and analysis. SAMP products and output are published in the Migration Policy Series and on this website.

Migration Policy Inputs
SAMP provides policy advice and monitoring services to governments and other clients. The project has provided extensive inputs to the process of crafting of a new immigration policy and legislation in South Africa. We have also monitored and provided feedback on the immigration for SADC citizens living in South Africa. The project is currently examining the challenges of increasing regional cooperation on migration management in the SADC region and the effectiveness of current border controls. In 2000-1, for example, the project will be undertaking a major survey of immigration service delivery to citizens and visitors and workshopping the results with service providers. SAMP will collaborate with the International Metropolis Project and the Migration Dialogue in Southern Africa (MIDSA) process hosted by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

SAMP is engaged in various activities to educate policy makers, officials, NGO's and the general public on the dimensions, causes and impacts of migration and immigration in the SADC region. The broadsheet, Crossings, presents research, interviews, debates, and popular articles in an accessible and attractive format. The project also produces radio programmes on various aspects of migration and organizes conferences and workshops on topical migration issues.

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