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The Film Resource Unit (FRU)

Address: Po Box 11065,
City: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Postal Code: 2000
Phone Number: 27 11 8384280 / 8388081
Fax Number: 27 11 8384281 / 8384451
General Information:

The Film Resource Unit (FRU) began as an underground distributor of African audio visual and socially relevant documentary material during the struggle against Apartheid.

We provided an opportunity for our people to listen to our leaders, and to be inspired by important film footage that was banned by the Apartheid government. Today, we are a registered non-profit organisation, and have grown into a one of the most successful NGO’s in the new democratic South Africa. Our experience of working with communities on a grass roots level, and our recognised commitment to social development, has given us an edge in audience development and distribution. Our implementation strategies are now widely regarded as a showcase for the potential growth and sustainability of the audio-visual sector in Africa.

Leaders in audience development and
distribution of film and video in Africa.

Distribution mechanisms sensitive to the socio-economic realities of Africa and its people are key to the delivery of appropriate social messages and to stimulating the popular imagination. When effective distribution is combined with the facilitation of dialogue, around the issues portrayed in the films and documentaries we have screened in the community, the technology and art of film becomes a powerful tool for development.

“It is heartening to notice the progress FRU has made in nurturing African Cinema.”
Ben Ngubane (Minister of the Department of Arts, Culture, Science & Technology)

“The issue of media diversity becomes very important because, quite frankly, the situation cannot be considered normal where a majority political (or social) school of thought finds no way of taking its place alongside other schools of thought in the mass media.”
President Thabo Mbeki (11 June 1996)

There are several challenges facing African filmmakers:
• to nurture an audience for African film both locally and internationally;
• to create local demand by making sure that the experience of African film reaches Africans wherever they are;
• to find funding and material support for African film projects;
• to access distributors and lobby for the screening of African film at cinemas on the mainstream commercial circuit;
• to encourage and participate in the development of a critical discourse on African film.

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