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The Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness

Address: 170 Berg Street/ P O Box 2338
City: Pietermaritzburg
Country: South Africa
Postal Code: 3200
Phone Number: +27 - (0)33 - 342 0052
Fax Number: +27 - (0)33 - 342 0303
General Information:

Mission Statement
The Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness is an independent ecumenical non-governmental organisation committed to the transformation of our society based on principles of freedom, equality, human dignity and mutual respect.

Working within the KZN Midlands region, PACSA seeks to facilitate the empowerment of marginalised communities - especially women, youth and unemployed people - to enable full and worthy participation in society:

  • by working directly with such groups on current issues of social concern;

  • by conscientising the churches to the social implications of their faith;

  • and by establishing strategic alliances with other agencies concerned with the achievement of a just and empowered society.

  • Values
  • Christian faith commitment and Gospel values underlie the work

  • Commitment to the full participation of the dispossessed

  • Commitment to transparent use of organizational resources.

  • Strategies & Focus
    We do this ...
  • by finding and making information available and engaging with churches and communities on specific social issues.

  • by being a catalyst for action and offering expertise on social issues through the work of the programmes, through networking and by developing, producing and distributing relevant publications and information.

  • by working with churches and church groups - clergy, women's groups, youth groups, church leaders, theological training institutions and congregations.

  • through workshops, preaching, liturgy, publications, prayers, public meetings, and drama outreach.

  • by networking with resource agencies (both church and non-church) and donor partner organisations.

  • by working with a diverse constituency - those who hold power and can easily access and use information and those who are poor looking for opportunities to create a better life -

  • conscientise both for action in different ways.

  • by building relationships of solidarity in South/South and South/North partnerships. by meeting together regularly in spirituality and faith sharing groups which reflect on our context and encourage and nurture e.g. Agapes, Days of Reflection and regular staff devotions.

  • We focus on:
    1. An empowered Church
    2. Community transformation
    3. Theological reflection
    4. Advocacy and lobbying
    5. Research and information dissemination
    6. Representative governance.

  • We consist of a volunteer membership, who elect a Council, to oversee the running and operations of the organisation through an
  • Executive and employed staff. Council and staff are representative of the concerns and demographics of the constituency. Council has representation from other NGOs, churches and people from the communities we work in.

  • Leadership functions are shared among staff in teams, Council and Executive, according to responsibility and skills, to enable growth of both the individual and the organisation for greatest impact on the social context.

  • Areas of Operation
    PACSA's primary area of operation is the KwaZulu-Natal uMgungundlovu District Municipality. PACSA networks closely with churches, community and non-governmental organizations in Pietermaritzburg and nationwide, and has a number of international contacts.

    Part of PACSA's funding comes from its members and local sponsors, but most funding still comes from international church agencies and humanitarian organizations. In the longer term, we anticipate a reduction in this international funding. We are thus engaged in a local fundraising drive.

    We are a registered Non-Profit Organisation - NPO 012-040.
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