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China: Labour disputes soar
40,000 workers paralyse world’s largest sports shoe maker reporters 19 April2014

Workers at six out of ten factories in Dongguan owned by Taiwanese multinational Yue Yuen have been on strike for the past three days after discovering the company has not been paying legally required levels of social security and housing contributions.

“The factory has been tricking us for 10 years,” a woman worker told Reuters. “The [local] Gaobu government, labour bureau, social security bureau and the company were all tricking us together.”

Modi accuses Congress of indulging in ‘black magic’
Shiv Sahay Singh 16 April 2014

“Black magic” has made jobs of youth disappear over the past 10 years and is making lives of farmers difficult

Hitting back at Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi returned the “magician” remark directed at him and said here on Thursday that the country is “not afraid of magicians but the black magic” of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government.

Taiwan: Occupation of parliament ends after 23 days
What are the lessons of the island’s ‘sunflower movement’?
China Worker 11 April 2014

Taiwan has witnessed an unprecedented mass protest movement since 18 March when around 200 students occupied the main chamber of the Legislative Yuan (parliament) to stop the ratification of the contentious Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA) between Taiwan and China. The beginning of an ‘Asian Spring’ is how some media commentators have described this movement. The abrupt way the protests have ended raises many questions about what the movement has achieved and which social forces can mount a serious challenge to neo-liberal economic policies and trade deals. We interviewed Sally Tang Mei-ching, who has been coordinating CWI Taiwan’s participation in the Taipei protests.

Ukraine crisis exploited by multinational fracking lobby
Oppose the pro-big business EU/ US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership!
Paul Murphy, Socialist Party MEP, and Tanja Niemeier 9 April 2014

In the context of the escalating political standoff over Ukraine between the US and the EU, on the one side, and Russia, on the other side, big business and conservative politicians seem to remember Winston Churchill´s saying “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

As part of the debate on escalating sanctions against Russia and possible Russian retaliation as a result, there is increasing talk about “energy security” and the need for stimulating “energy independence”, in particular from Russian gas.

Grants only for ANC supporters - MEC
Bongani Hans, Leanne Jansen and Kamini Padayachee (IOL News) 9 April 2014

Durban - People who are paid social welfare grants but who vote for opposition parties were stealing from the government.

That’s according to KwaZulu-Natal Agriculture and Environmental Affairs MEC Meshack Radebe, who was speaking in the presence of President Jacob Zuma in Greytown during his provincial roadshow on Tuesday.

‘Superbugs’ make antibiotics useless, say experts
The Mercury 8 April 2014

The first patient with pneumonia resistant to all antibiotics was recorded in South Africa last year, raising the “terrifying possibility of a postantibiotic era”.

Free Wu Guijun! Strike is not a crime!
Calling concerns from all sides: Justice for Workers!
HKCTU 3 April 2014

The case of Wu Guijun: Trial after a 10-month detention

In early May 2013, the employer of Shenzhen Diweixin Product Factory started to relocate the factory to Huizhou City. By law, workers are entitled to financial compensation based on the years of service (equivalent to one month’s wages per year of service). 300 workers went on strike to demand negotiation with the emploiyer and due compensation. The employer agreed to pay only 400 Yuan per year of service after the month-long strike which is much lower than the legal minimum.
On 23 May, some 200 workers marched to petition the district government to seek help and all of them were detained by the riot police. Most workers were released the next day except Wu Guijun. Wu is one of the workers' representatives in the negotiation. He was kept under detention and later charged for "gathering crowds to disrupt traffic order

‘Not The Future We Want’: Durban’s Port Plans Face Protest
Megan Lewis 26 March 2014

“We are walking around carrying dwarves on our shoulders who now think they are tall, forgetting about who is holding them up”, said a comrade at a recent labour gathering. The statement has nothing to do with dwarves and even less to do with us as individuals, but rather with us as a society in a country that is supposed to be democratic and led by a government that wants “a better life for all”, but that ignores this responsibility in the face of economic growth built on the backs of the common citizen.

Whistle-blower exposes Sanral’s e-tolling extravagance
Cosatu 1 April 2014

The campaign against e-tolls, by the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) and many others, has been powerfully vindicated by the testimony of a whistle-blower, employed by the Austrian company Kapsch, which works with Sanral on the e-tolling of Gauteng’s highways.

Russia to create special economic zone in Crimea
Times Live 31 March 2014

“Our aim is to make the peninsula as attractive as possible to investors, so that it can generate sufficient income for its own development,” Medvedev told a Russian government meeting on the Black Sea peninsula, which Moscow has annexed from Ukraine.

Rousseff’s approval rating drops
Paulo Prada 28 March 2014

Rio de Janeiro - Popular support for Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has faltered ahead of the October 5 presidential election, a poll showed on Thursday, but the leftist leader remains favoured to win a second term.


Phiyega - take responsibility for your killer cops!
Ubunye Bamahostel Press Statement 26 March 2014

At a 1 000-strong meeting convened by uBunye Bamahostel at Glebelands Hostel in uMlazi on Sunday 23 March, residents voiced their rage at the recent assault, torture and killing of hostel dwellers by officers of the Prospecton SAPS at around 22h30 on the night of 13 March.

Mozambique activists protest against rape law
Al Jazeera 20 March 2014

Rights activists in Mozambique have marched through the capital Maputo to protest a colonial era law still included in new legislation that allows rapists to go unpunished if they marry their victims. The "marriage effect" clause sees convicted rapists given a five-year suspended sentence if they marry their victims and stipulates that the perpetrator should stay married to the victim for at least five years. At the protest, a young woman dressed in a blood-spattered wedding gown led a group of about 300 mostly female protesters as they marched to parliament.

China arrests citizen journalists for reporting Tiananmen 'self-immolation'
Jonathan Kaiman, The Guardian, 13 March 2014

Chinese authorities have detained Huang Qi, director of the human rights website Tianwang, and three citizen journalists, Wang Jing, Liu Xuehong, and Xing Jian, who is 17 years old, for reporting two recent "incidents" in Tiananmen Square, including an apparent self-immolation. "Journalism is not a crime and these three activists should be released immediately," William Nee, China researcher at Amnesty International, said in a statement.

Union to strike over youth unemployment
IOL News 18 March 2014

Johannesburg - Tomorrow the National Union of Metalworkers begins what could be months of rolling mass action with a nationwide strike over youth unemployment.

Umbilo residents vow to block port plans
The Mercury 17 March 2014

UMBILO residents have promised to block Durban’s multibillion-rand port expansion, saying they had not been consulted and the plans would benefit big business, not the poor.

The residents, mainly women, gathered at the Dalton Beer Hall in Umbilo Road yesterday to hear from activists, community leaders and the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa), about Transnet and the city’s back-of-port plans.

Thousands March in Moscow to Protest Crimea Vote

Yahoo News 16 March 2014

MOSCOW (AP) — Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters marched in central Moscow Saturday against a Kremlin-backed referendum in Crimea on whether to break away from Ukraine and join Russia.

UKZN students face charges over criticism
IOL News 10 March 2014

Four University of KwaZulu-Natal masters students have been slapped with several charges for contravening the rules for student discipline.

IBM strike reflects worker power in China
Pretoria News 9 March 2014

A wildcat strike at an IBM factory in southern China illustrates how tectonic shifts under way in the country's labour market are emboldening workers to take matters into their own hands, raising risks for multinationals.

NAPM Condemns arrest of Akhil Gogoi and other KMSS activists
NAPM 5 March 2014

The Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) has been spearheading a vibrant peasant’s struggle in Assam raising issues of land grab, displacement and corruption. On 2nd March, 2014, Akhil Gogoi, one of the leading figures of the KMSS, was picked up from his residence in early hours of the morning, on charges of inciting Sri Pranab Boro to self-immolation. Though the National Alliance of people’s Movements (NAPM), mourns the death of Sri Pranab Boro, it condemns the Government’s attempt to malign the name of the KMSS in this tragic loss of life.

Ukraine: (Updated March 3) Anti-war statements from the Russian left
A statement from the Russian Socialist Movement 3 March 2014

Crimea: Not 'ours', and not 'yours'
Crimea has found itself unlucky to be at the intersection of Russia's imperialist ambitions, and the rough nationalist politics of the new Ukraine. The Open Left declares: the movement for self-determination in Crimea is more important in its significance than both, imperialist games and nationalist fervour.

Violent clashes as India announces world's biggest election
Frank Jack Daniel (Yahoo News) 5 mjarch 2014

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Street clashes marred an announcement on Wednesday that India's general election will start on April 7 as passions run high in a race that pits Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi against the unpopular Nehru-Gandhi family's ruling party.

AIDC’s Budget Statement: “It’s Full Circle Back to GEAR”
AIDC 27 February 2014

No-one can accuse Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan of producing an election-year people’s budget. This is a budget for the rich, the financiers, investors and credit rating agencies.

The Minister went out of his way to reassure the “market” that SA is good for business. This means social instability, service delivery protests and strikes have failed to move the ANC government. The government is moved by the “market” and the market alone.

Plans for Clairwood rejected
Tony Carnie (The Mercury) 25 February 2014

THE proposed R2 billion logistics park at Clairwood racecourse in Durban has been rejected by the provincial department of environmental affairs following “critical concerns” by several departments in the eThekwini municipality.

Hong Kong: Newly formed Refugee Union stages sit-in protests
Interviews with refugees fighting injustice and official high-handedness
Vincent Kolo, 21 February 2014 met the members of the newly formed Refugee Union at the Prince Edward offices of International Social Service Hong Kong (ISS-HK), which they occupied for one week, starting Tuesday 11 February, before being evicted by a court order. Two other welfare offices in Mong Kok and Tsuen Wan have also been occupied. ISS-HK receives government funding to administer social welfare payments to cover asylum seekers’ rent and emergency food provisions. These allowances are very low – so low, that it is hard to conceive how anyone survives like this! But there is growing anger among many of the 5,000 or so asylum seekers served by ISS-HK that the agency is failing in its legal obligations to administer the payments.

DIY generation makes cents
Peter Haylett (Cape Times) 18 February 2014

THE time has come for a radical change in our thinking on electricity.

We have been wedded to the Eskom big coal, big grid model in which municipalities were actively discouraged from generating their own electricity for so long that they no longer think it’s viable. They are wrong, and failure to realise this will create huge financial problems for them in future.

Solidarity with the fighting workers of Pradeep Laminators
Workers continue their struggle against brutal management
Venkatesh, New Socialist Alternative (CWI in India), Pune 12 February 2014

Chakan industrial estate in the north of the city of Pune, India, has hundreds of industrial units operating across various sectors, including engineering, automobile and packaging. Pradeep Laminators Pvt Ltd is one of these units. It manufactures flexible packaging material and employs more than 100 workers.

SDCEA vows to fight
LookLocal 29 January 2014

THE South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) has pledged to bring unprecedented opposition against what it sees as a disregard for South Durban communities in the name of development.
27 January 2014

Bring back Terry Bell
Cosatu 29 January 2014

The Congress of South African Trade Unions condemns the suspension of Terry Bell’s ‘Inside Labour’ column, which has been appearing every Friday for many years in Business Report, as an insert into the Pretoria News, Johannesburg Star, KZN Mercury and Cape Times, newspapers owned by Independent Newspapers and their new owner, Sekunjalo.

Brazil World Cup Protests Turn Violent
Mara Ispas (Yahoo News) 27 January 2014

Sao Paolo – Anti-soccer World Cup demonstrations turned violent as clashes erupted on Sunday when thousands of protesters attacked police vehicles, torched other vehicles, and smashed bank windows in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

We Reject the Poisonous Politic of Division
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement 18 January 2014

Unyawo Alunampumulo: A person is a person where ever they find themselves.

Our movement has a proud history of taking a clear and strong stand against xenophobia. Our movement has always been open to everyone who lives in the shacks and agrees with our politic. We ask people many questions before they join our movement. But we have never asked someone what country they were born in before welcoming them into our struggle. A neighbour is a neighbour no matter where they were born. A comrade is a comrade no matter where they were born or what language they speak. During the xenophobic attacks in May 2008 we insisted that a person is a person where ever they may find themselves. We insisted that South African belongs to all who lives in it. We took a decision to shelter and defend anyone under attack. We acted on that decision. There were no xenophobic attacks in any settlement affiliated to our movement.

AMCU Divisions: struggle for democratic trade unions
DSM/WASP22 January 2014

On 20 January, the Workers and Socialist Party hosted a press conference to give a platform to rank-and-file AMCU leaders from Rustenburg voicing the concerns of key organisers and AMCU members at Impala, Amplats and Lonmin. We gave these workers’ leaders a platform to respond to the accusations levelled against them by AMCU president Joseph Mathunjwa, without a right to reply, at a mass meeting of mineworkers in the Rustenburg platinum belt on Sunday 19 January. At the mass meeting, Mathunjwa named eight rank-and-file AMCU leaders he accuses of seeking to ‘destroy’ AMCU, ‘having tea with Zuma’ and taking money from government, demanding and taking bribes, starting a new union and bearing responsibility for the defeat of the Amplats strike against retrenchments early last year. One of the workers named by Mathunjwa was immediately assaulted by a group of workers prompting the police to intervene.

Violence rattles Rio slums as World Cup looms
Paulo Prada (Yahoo News) 21 January 2014

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Daily shootouts are rattling two of Rio de Janeiro's slums, communities that until recently showcased attempts to pacify the historically violent shantytowns.

Police from Marikana massacre 'in new crackdown'
Yahoo News 20 January 2014

At least two police officers who took part in the deadly crackdown on Marikana miners in 2012 were implicated in the killing of three protesters this week, a press report said Sunday.

E-toll shock for Durban driver
Bronwyn Fourie 16 January 2014

Durban - A Berea mother and son who have never driven their silver Honda Civic outside Durban were informed this week that they owed R460 in Johannesburg e-tolls.

Helen and Mark Ziegler also received a R750 speeding fine in 2013 – the photographed vehicle on the fine being a replica of their car.

Alliance opposes petrol storage expansion plan
THE South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) believes the expansion of Vopaks storage capacity at Island View will increase toxicity levels in the South Durban Basin (SDB), which they call cancer alley.
Look Local 14 January 2014

Vopaks facilities will undergo a multi-million rand petrol storage expansion, increasing capacity from 19,000m3 to 64,000m3 at the Farewell-King site and from 9,000m3 to 60,000m3 at the Fynn site.

Workers building Samsung factory riot in Vietnam
LibCom 9 January 2014

Thousands of construction workers building a Samsung's factory in Vietnam's northern Thai Nguyen province clashed with security guards on Thursday, leaving 13 people injured, four critically.

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