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UF Response to the Expulsion of Zwelinzima Vavi
UNITED FRONT 31 March 2015

As expected, yesterday the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) decided to expel Zwelinzima Vavi from his position as its General Secretary. The United Front (UF) regards this decision as the final nail in the regrettable terminal decline of what was once a mighty, principled, independent and militant federation of workers’ trade unions.

End the de facto State of Emergency in Themelihle
United Front Press Statement 31 March 2015

The Thembelihle Crisis Committee, the United Front (UF), the Right to Know (R2K) Campaign and the Democratic Left Front call on all people of good conscience in South Africa to endorse the call for an end to the security siege of Thembelihle. Since the 25th of February 2015, Thembelihle has faced a de facto State of Emergency at the hands of the South African Police Services (SAPS) and other security agents. This undeclared, unofficial State of Emergency in Thembelihle is an attack on all our constitutionally guaranteed rights to and freedoms to organise, associate and freely express ourselves. We call for urgent action to put pressure on the SAPS to end the siege. We call for the creation of conducive conditions for free, open and democratic political activity in which the people of Thembelihle may express and exercise their right to protest, and have their demands for a decent life of dignity met.

Transnet mum on ecological damage to fish nursery
Tony Carnie (The Mercury) 31 March 2015

A THICK mass of emulsified oil has built up in Durban Harbour’s Silt Canal area after a factory fire last week, raising fears about potentially significant damage to one of the country’s largest sea fish nursery grounds.
Yesterday, the Transnet national ports authority said clean-up operations were continuing following the blaze at the African Sun Oil Refinery in Durban, but did not respond to queries on ecological damage to fish and other marine organisms.

Sun setting on Eskom's monopoly
Dependence on the utility may fade now that homes can feed solar power back into the grid.
Lynley Donnelly (Mail & Gurdian) 27 March 2015

Eskom may be in a shambles and electricity prices are likely to skyrocket, but for some domestic consumers solar power is saving them thousands of rands – and the planet thousands of kilograms of carbon – each month.

TPP: Corporations can sue states in private courts
Russia Today 30 March 2015

The recently leaked chapter from the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP) allows firms to sue the countries they are operating in via private courts, steering clear of national jurisdictions, WikiLeaks reported.

The struggle of the workers of Ajax
Toninho Filho 25 March 2015

The Ajax is a car battery factory that has existed for more than 50 years, whose headquarters is located in Bauru. In June last year, 340 employees were dismissed without FGTS deposit, payment of labor rights or social security transfers of officials with service time 5 to 10 years. At this point, the company already had a huge debt with the Companhia Paulista de Força e Luz which culminated in the power cut in December 2014-restored in March 2015, after an injunction.

Deadlines bedevil SA's infrastructure projects
Razina Munshi (Mail & Guardian) 23 January 2014

BUDGET and deadlines bedevil complex infrastructure projects in SA. But should taxpayers accept that Transnet's new multiproduct pipeline, for example, has exceeded its original budget by 84% and is four years behind schedule?

China: Demand release of arrested women activists
Has the commemoration of International Women's Day also now been outlawed in China?
Sally Tang Mei-Ching, Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong) 24 March 2015

The Chinese dictatorship celebrated International Women's Day by arresting women activists, a move that has caused outrage around the world. The arrests highlight the widening repression under Xi Jinping ¨CChina's paramount leader and also how women's rights are being stifled in China today. On 6 and 7 March, just before International Women's Day (8 March) and just as the annual red carpet meeting of the NPC (National People¡¯s Congress) was getting underway in Beijing, security forces arrested at least ten women activists for preparing protests to highlight gender oppression.

Spills law enforcing ‘broken down’
Kamcilla Pillay (Daily News) 23 March 2015

Investigations into an oil leak in the Durban Harbour – spotted on Friday by yachtsmen – have yet to yield any clues to its source or composition.

Russia rebounds, despite sanctions
The New Cold War 23 March 2015

Sanctions meant to punish Russia for snatching Crimea from Ukraine one year ago were supposed to hurt Russian business. And they did. Russian stocks, bonds and commodities had the worst performance in 2014 of those in any emerging market.

Oil giants break their picks trying to crack non-US shales
Business Day 20 March 2015

AFTER spending more than five years and billions of dollars trying to re-create the US shale boom overseas, some of the world’s biggest oil companies are starting to give up amid a world-wide collapse in crude prices.

Coal mine will blast peace for thousands near game park

Tony Carnie (The Mercury) 18 March 2015

Life will never be quite the same for several thousand people next to Africa’s oldest game reserve and wilderness area if a massive new coal mine is blasted open underneath or next to their homes.

A new environmental scoping report on the controversial Ibutho coal mining venture on the southern borderline of the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi game reserve does not say exactly how many people will have to be moved from their homes.

Solar Power Sees Unprecedented Boom in U.S.
Photovoltaics and solar thermal both enjoyed banner years, despite uncertainties
Daniel Cusick and ClimateWire 18 March 2015

U.S. solar power grew by 6.2 gigawatts in 2014, a 30 percent increase over the previous year and representing nearly $18 billion in new investment, according to data released this morning by the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research.

One million in anti-govt demo in Brazil

Russia Today 17 March 2015

Leaks to cost Durban dear
Sihle Manda (The Mercury) 16 March 2015

YEARS of neglect of the city’s ailing and crippled water infrastructure have left the eThekwini Municipality with no option but to take drastic steps and pay big money.

More than 15 000 households contribute nothing to the city coffers for the water they use.

Searching for the Union: The workers’ movement in China 2011-13
China Labour Bulletin 16 March 2014

China’s workers have emerged over the last few years as a strong, unified and increasingly active collective force. Workers have time and again demonstrated the will and the ability to stand up to abusive and arrogant managements and to demand better pay and working conditions.

Maharashtra:Campaign for Affordable & Quality Public Transport

Venkatesh Harale CWI-India 13 March 2015

For over a month now, New Socialist Alternative, Pune has been campaigning and protesting against the recent public transport price hike. The 50% hike will hit many ordinary people hard and many in Pune are angry about this.

United Front 12 March 2015

As the Eskom debacle thickens, the United Front calls for a judicial enquiry into the management of the electricity utility and an urgent civil society conference on the electricity crisis.

Leadership Crisis in AAP & Fissures within
CWI-India 6 March 2015

It is indeed very disappointing to see the experiment of finding a party precisely for “Grass Roots Democracy” facing serious issues of personality clashes in the very first month since its spectacular victory in the Delhi assembly elections. While many on the left and progressive circles welcomed AAP’s victory as a halting influence to the blatantly communal BJP led by Modi which was winning one after another crucial elections since its pyrrhic victory in Lok Sabha elections last May.

China to slash coal consumption by 160mn tons in 5 years
Russia Today 9 March 2015

China intends to cut coal consumption by 160 million tons by 2020, and up its use of non-fossil energy to 15 percent by then. Air pollution has been linked to a spike in lung cancer in Beijing and a reduced life expectancy in some regions of 5.5 years.

Ripping off the state can be big business
(Lloyd Gedye) Mail & Guardian 6 March 2015

Government is allowing the construction firms that colluded on mega-state projects to get off lightly, writes Lloyd Gedye.

The government has been criticised many times for being too soft on corporate South Africa, especially when its members act against the best interests of the country and its citizens. Whether the businesses are Sasol and ArcelorMittal and involve attempts to get a “developmental” price for polymers and steel respectively, or telecommunications operators that have been taking South African business and citizens for a ride for decades with exorbitant communication costs, a recent example rams the point home.

South Africa: NUMSA's message to Australian workers
NUMSA 6 March 2015

NUMSA national treasurer Mphumzi Maqungo's address to the Australian Workers Union, Australia

March 3, 2015 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- I greet you in the name of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA). I am here to give you an update since our general secretary, Irvin Jim, addressed your 2013 conference. I am happy to report that, despite the shrinking of South Africa's manufacturing sector, NUMSA has continued to grow.

eThekwini ANC whistleblowers in hiding after 'death threats'
Sibusiso Ngalwa 2 March 2015

The nullification of the results of voting at the eThekwini ANC elective conference has led to some party members going into hiding, claiming their lives have been threatened.

National Thousands march over death of Putin critic
Olga Rotenberg, Anna Smolchenko (Mail & Guardian) 2 March 2015

Tweet Tens of thousands of people marched in central Moscow on Sunday to honour slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was gunned down near the Kremlin.

Tembelihle: Urgent solidarity needed
United Front, Gauteng 26 February 2015

During a service delivery protest in Tembelihle, two primary school kids lost their lives as they were shot by rubber bullets.

SA covered up Israeli missile theft
Hadlee Simons 24 February 2015

South Africa's intelligence service covered up the theft and sale of locally produced missile technology to Israel, new cables have revealed.

NAPM hails AAP’s landslide victory
Expects greater, sustained dialogue with ‘aam’ people’s issues, movements and priorities over next 5 years
NAPM 11 February 2015

Ireland: anti-water tax activists arrested

Arrests of Anti Austerity Alliance elected representatives and We Won’t Pay activists is another cheap attempt to denigrate the movement against the water charges
Anti Austerity Alliance statement 11 February 2014

PWC promotes industrial scale tax avoidance
Russia Today 6 February, 2015

Accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has deceived parliament and is facilitating and promoting “industrial scale” tax avoidance, MPs warned in a report published on Friday.

China’s miners take a stand as coal production falls
China Labour Bulletin 29 January, 2015

While environmentalists are hailing the drop in China’s coal production last year, it is the country’s miners who are feeling the immediate impact, with mines closing down and wages withheld for months on end.

India: 500,000 Coalminers strike against privatisation!
Major Singh 3 February 2015

At the beginning of January 500,000 miners in the nationalised coal industry in India went on strike against governmental plans to privatise coal mining. This monumental show of strength in defiance of the Coal Ordnance law is indicative both of the tensions within Indian society and the pressure that is being brought to bear on the leadership of the working class to put up a fight.

Mine lays claim to Mpumalanga water catchment area
Fiona Mcleod, Franz Fuls 30 January 2015

Tweet The fate of land vital to South Africa's water security now rests with the ministers of mining and environmental affairs.

An Indian company claims it has the right to mine in the ecologically sensitive Wakkerstroom area. (Lorna Stanton)
An Indian company this week declared its intention to mine in a critical water catchment area in Mpumalanga, just one year after the area was proclaimed a protected area.

Thousands protest transport hikes in Brazil
Russia Today 28 January 2015

Thousands gathered to rally over rising transport fares at a Sao Paulo metro station on Tuesday night. Clashes erupted when demonstrators attempted to enter Faria Lima station without paying for tickets, staging a sit-in.

Narendra Modi govt cracks down on NGOs
Sanjib Kr Baruah and Rajesh Ahuja, Hindustan Times, New Delhi 26 January 2015

The Centre may act against some of the 188 NGOs red-flagged by the Intelligence Bureau for alleged misuse of foreign funds, suspected extremist links and proselytization.

Massive SYRIZA Rally
Left Party Heads Towards a Majority in Greece

TRNN Exclusive from Athens: Lawyer Dimitri Lascaris reports SYRIZA coalition commands a lead and enjoys the support of European labour and social movements as it heads to the polls on Sunday
Lawyer Dimitri Lascaris 23 January 2015

Cuba: The 'solarisation' of Granma province
Laurie Guevara-​Stone 21 January 2014

US President Barack Obama’s recent announcement that he wants to begin normalising relations with Cuba generated news around the world. But the Cuban province of Granma may soon be making headlines for another reason: its embrace of renewable energy.

Costs of Brazil World Cup stadium to be paid off around 3014
Times Live 20 January, 2015

Brazilian taxpayers hoping to see the Mane Garrincha stadium, expensively renovated in the capital Brasilia for last year's World Cup paid off, needn't hold their breath as it won't happen in their lifetime, authorities say.

Dig-out port: ‘Think again’
Sihle Manda (The Mercury) 20 February 2015

AN INTERNATIONAL ports expert has expressed serious reservations about Durban’s proposed dig-out port. He said plans for a dig-out port should be put on hold, with efforts rather directed at maximising the existing facilities and potential at Durban Harbour.

International adviser and expert on port development Jamie Simpson, of Canada, has warned Transnet and the eThekwini Municipality against pursuing the dig-out port, saying the current port has to “keep going”.
Simpson was a guest speaker at a ports and cities dialogue with Durban businesses, hosted by the municipality’s Edge (Economic Development and Growth eThekwini) at the Moses Mabhida Stadium yesterday.

Britain endorses Hong Kong’s fake election plan
Former colonial power kowtows to Beijing’s economic muscle
Vincent Kolo, (Chinaworker) 19 January 2015

After last autumn’s ‘youthquake’ in the shape of the Umbrella Revolution there are few people on the planet who do not know that Hong Kong’s so-called ‘democracy’ is a fiction. It is noticeable that Hong Kong’s former colonial rulers, the British government, belong to this stubborn minority.

A year of struggle in Brazil
LSR members intervene in struggles of 2014

LSR 16 January 2015

Durban’s ‘toilet bowl’ polluted sea
Tony Carnie (The Mercury) 12 January 2015

AFTER 45 years of flushing billions of litres of human sewage and industrial waste into a massive “toilet bowl” in the sea off Durban, fresh concerns have emerged that a growing build-up of seabed pollution may affect a far wider area of the KwaZuluNatal coastline.
Since the city built two massive sea pipelines to pump away domestic sewage and industry effluent in the late 1960s, repeated surveys by marine scientists have suggested that this dumping does not cause any major impacts on the marine environment or human health.
Nevertheless, the latest compulsory annual survey by the CSIR has revealed a gradual but significant increase in the number of “affected stations” – a term that refers to areas of the seabed literally crawling with an artificial abundance of pollution-tolerant sea worms that thrive on the nutrient-rich human waste, rotting food scraps and other detritus flushed daily from Durban’s toilets, baths and kitchen sinks.

World Cup makes way for white elephants
The carnival is well and truly over in Brazil as costly stadia lie unused, forcing local authorities to take out loans to keep up maintenance bills.
Ewan MacKenna 6 January 2015

The circus has long gone but the scars have not. Six months on from the Brazil World Cup, football wastelands pockmark the country, each with empty cathedrals to excess and greed. If only it hadn’t all been so predictable.
When it was all over back in July, there was a warm glow emanating from a tournament that was by and large seen as a success. There were few dissenting voices. But that’s the problem with judging a World Cup in its immediate aftermath. It’s like the queen thinking the world smells of paint because every room she walks into has been given a fresh lick. But the effects of the event last far longer than a month and now the glitz and glamour are done, there’s a lot of rubbish piled high awaiting a costly clean-up.

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