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Patel Raj  (2005) Bisaser Road Pictures
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A gift of the people of the United States

A view of the dump

Children collect water at one of a handful of standpipes

Children whose mothers are in jail

Clothes collected within the community for people whose homes recently burned down

Community Centre

The Dump from Afar

Outside the settlement

Locked primary schoolroom

Site of proposed methane power generators

You can see the sea from here

The land promised to residents now being cleared for a brick factory

Bisaser Road Revolt
This is how the local newspaper, The Sunday Tribune, describes the confrontation that took place this past Saturday, 19 March 2005, between the police and the Bisaser road residents: “Amid burning car and tractor tyers and flaming, lice-infested mattresses, Durban police battled for more than four hours yesterday to disperse a crowd of about 750 protesting shack dwellers who had barricaded a major arterial route into Durban.” The chief issue is that land promised for the development of housing is suddenly being dug up to be developed for business use. Amongst the secondary issues (sanitation, water, electricity, health) is the question of the Bisaser road dump – which has stayed open as part of the World Bank carbon trading scam which is giving people nearby cancer.

It is quite clear that many of the people in the squatter settlement want the dump because of the livelihood that it gives them (meager and degraded as it is) and although some people present this as clash between the rich and the poor – people in houses and people in shacks (for whom the health crisis is much more immediate than a threat of cancer and for whom the smell of the dump is a much less immediate problem than the smell consequent to no sanitation) most people seem to want to racialise the disagreement on whether the dump should be closed or not and explain it in the language of Indians trying to drive Africans out of the area.

Another struggle facing the community at the moment is to free the 14 comrades who were arrested during the clash with the police. The people we spoke to were demanding that if their comrades are being kept in jail then they all want to be arrested. The group of 14 was supposed to appear in court today, to hear of their fate

The Kennedy Road 14 were released yesterday(29 March) without bail (after some very deft legal work - things very nearly went the other way) and are scheduled to appear in court again in a week. The mood at the welcome home party was celebratory and defiant. The 14 all affirmed that they had no regrets and that the struggle would continue with renewed vigour.
Raj Patel is writing up the latest developments

At the courthouse

Children pleased to party

Stephen - wants to be a doctor

Light from a smashed preschool

Nonhlanhla and friends

Nonhlanhla in celebration outfit

Richard Pithouse takes a picture

Some heroes

Stephen and many friends

Still dancing hours later

Welcome, 14 heroes

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