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various (2010) Dennis Brutus Online Photo Archive.  : -.


Dennis 1960s

Dennis 1960s

Dennis 1970s

Example of poetry in Worcester collection 1970s

Dennis 1970s US

Dennis 1970s with Jimmy Baldwin

Stubborn Hope Cover 1978

Dennis 1980s cartoon

Dennis 1990s at Worcester

Dennis 1990s Mumia protest

Dennis 1990s Mumia protest

Dennis 1998 in Johnannesburg

Dennis 1999 at Seattle WTO protests

Dennis 2003 in Washington at the anti-WB protest, Franklin Square

Dennis 2003 in Washington at the anti-WB protest, Franklin Square.jpg

Dennis 2004 Leafdrift launch

Leafdrift cover

Poetry and Protest book cover 2005

Dennis with Patrick, Firoze Manji and Anil Naidoo 2005

Pro Palestine rally Durban 2009

Protest against Israeli ambassador 2009

Dennis at UKZN 2009

Dennis at UKZN 2009

Dennis with John Minto, Molefi Ndlovu and Baruti Amisi 2009

Dennis with Ashwin Desai 2009

Durban fans at going away party 2009

Dennis & Claudia 2009

Dennis with Rehana Dada 2009

Dennis 2009 Cape Town booklaunch (photo by Miriam Mannak).

War Resisters League honors Dennis Brutus

Reparations Report 2009

Last public appearance with Faith ka Manziand Patrick for opening of CCS Crises and Commons conference

Dennis with Faith ka Manzi in Durban 2009

with Immanuel Wallerstein 2009

Party for Dennis Durban 2009

Troubadour politics tribute by Patrick

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