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Sufian  Hemed Bukurura

Personal Details
Organization: Associate Professor
Address: Centre for Civil Society
City: Durban
Postal Code: 4019
Country: South Africa
Phone Number: 27 031 260 2248
Fax Number: 27 031 260 2502
E-mail Address:

Job Description
Associate Professor

Research Interest
Exploring law in action - the interaction between legal rules, institutions and social processes. Specifically, the interaction between legal rules and processes at the grassroots in the following areas:

(a) crime and criminal justice administration;
(b) local governance and grassroots involvement in justice administration;
(c) the functioning of the judicial branch of government; and
(d) comparative constitutionalism and human rights issues generally

Sufian is currently exploring the expansion of judicial power and its ramifications in the African context.

Other information
Member of the following bodies

  • Human Rights University Network of the South (SUR)

  • Commission on Folk Law and Legal Pluralism (CFLLP)

  • International Third World Legal Studies Association (ITWLSA)

  • Socio-Legal Studies association (of the United Kingdom)

  • Tanzania Network for Indigenous Knowledge (TANIK)

  • Recent Publications

    (2006) A judiciary in transition: Selection of judges in Namibia. In Appointme nt of judges in an age of judicial power: Critical perspectives from around the world, edited by KE Malleson & PH Russell (Toronto: University of Toronto Press). [Book chapter]

    (2003) Between liberation struggle and constitutionalism: Namibia and Zimbabwe. Pp 34-46 in Henning Melber (editor) Re-examining liberation in Namibia: Political culture since independence, (Uppsala: Nordic Africa Institute, 2003). German version of the book entitled Namibia Grenzen nachkolonialer Emanzipation, Brandes & Apsel Verlag, 2003. [Book chapter]

    (2003) Democracy and its sustainability: Swaziland case and the dilemma for SADC. Pp 95-118 in I Kimambo (ed.) Mainstreaming democratic governance in the social sciences and humanities for the 21st century (Dar es Salaam: Dar es Salaam University Press 2003). [Book chapter]

    (2003) Prison overcrowding in Namibia: The problem and suggested solutions (2003) Acta Criminologica (Southern African Journal of Criminology) 16(1): 82-93. [Journal article]

    Essays on constitutionalism and the administration of justice in Namibia 1990-2002 (Windhoek: Out of Africa Publishers, 2002). [Book]

    Protecting prisoners' rights in southern Africa: An emerging pattern. (Monograph commissioned by the Penal Reform International (PRI), Paris, 2002). [Monograph]

    Students take their grievances to court in Southern Africa: A wake-up call to university managers (2002) NERA JOURNAL (A journal of the Namibian Education Research Association), 77-92. [Journal article]

    Administration of criminal justice in Swaziland: Crises and confusion in the 1990s (2002) Tydskrif vir Regswetenskap (Journal for Juridical Science) 27(2): 47-71. [Journal article]

    Previous teaching experience
    Before joining CCS, Sufian taught law at the Westville campus. He also taught at the Universities of Namibia and Swaziland and the Institute of Development Management (IDM), Mzumbe, Tanzania.

    Online Publications
    Bukurura, Sufian Hemed (2008) Extractive industries and destruction of livelihoods in Africa. ActionAid All Africa Policy Meeting in Mombasa Kenya (19-23 May2008) : 1-14.

    Bukurura, Sufian Hemed (2008) Civil Society & Development Course Outline. Civil Society and Development Masters Module (Winter School), 8-22 July : 1-13.

    Bukurura, Sufian Hemed  (2006) Fighting side by side . Centre for Civil Society : -.

    Bukurura, Hemed Sufian (2006) Where is the public consultation for our 2010 World Cup?. Eye on Civil Society : -.

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