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Molefi Mafereka Ndlovu

Personal Details
Organization: Community Scholar
Address: Centre for Civil Society, Room 702, MTB, Howard College
City: Durban
Postal Code: 4019
Country: South Africa
Phone Number: 27 31 260 1506
E-mail Address:
Degree: (B. ComDev)

Job Description

Research Interest
community outreach, oral history, archival practice, social movement theory and politics, independent community media

Other information
My research background includes, the planning designing and execution of a participatory research projects; conducting peer training and capacity building with community based activist and advocacy groups. I have worked for the Education Policy Unit (Wits- EPU), with community based activist groups such as the Workers Library (Commitee member); Anti Privatisation Forum (APF-JHB), Imbawula Trust; Rasa FM (Pimville - Soweto), Indymedia-Africa (JHB, DBN & CT), Prince Africa Zulu Foundation Trust (PAZFT-Trustee-SADC); Dedicated Artists Cultural Arts Organisation (DACAO- Clermont), Non Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC-ICANN- Afrika), Black Pepper (SA: Exc Consultant),Khula Malaika Foundation (KMF- W. Cape: Associate) and UmKhumbane Mail (Durban; Associate)., Onkweni Royal Cultural Festival (Ulundi), DeepDish TV (NYC; Associate). My approach is based on critical theory and Padagogy of the opressed with focus on participatory action oriented research methodologies. My current and latest work online includes:, &

Online Publications
Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka  (2008) The damming of Lesotho’s Water and the consolidation of commodity relations in occupied Azania : Critical Theory appraisal of the ‘civil society’ challenge for free basic water services in Johannesburg, Gauteng. . Centre for Civil Society : 1-32.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka  () A layman’s perspective on the history and role of non governmental organizations in the World Social Forum Process: a case of the Southern African Social Forum.. Centre for Civil Society : 1-13.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2009) Oral History Guideline Booklet. Durban Sings Audio oral/history Project  : 1-20.

Mafereka Ndlovu, Molefi  (2009) DURBAN Songs and Proverbs Audio reports, songs and stories From KwaZulu-Natal; Ethekwini: Azania. Durban Sings An Audio oral/history Project : 1-22.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka  (2007) Azania shall return: Re-founding the struggle for complete immancipation from Capitalist Globalisation.
“Political Power: State-Party- Popular Power.” The Rosa Luxemburg Seminar 2007 : 1-17.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka  (2008) Summery Report on Molefi’s CCS activities September 2007-May 2008. Centre for Civil Society : -.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2007) Rasta Festival Poster .  : 1-1.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka  () -eTHIOPIA -MILLENIUM PROGRAMME 2000.pdf.  : 1-2.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2004) Education as an instance of organising; prospects and Pitfalls.. In Khanya Journal Issue 6 : 22-23.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2005) Mutations of the ability to self organise. In Khanya Journal  Issue 9: 34-35.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2006) Rasa FM; Periphery voices, molefi speaks about Soweto radio. Deep Dish TV : -.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2007) Radical community radio in Soweto: Podcast interview with Sokari Ekine from Pambazuka News . Pambazuka News : -.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2008) Mail and Guardian: Top 200 South Africans to take to lunch (Civil Society). Mail and Guardian : -.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2008) All rise in court! The battle against corporate profiteering, corruption and dispossession. Lesotho and Johannesburg at a legal crossroads over water. Let justice roll down like waters. Faith-based advocacy and water for all. Maseru, Lesotho. 21-25 April : -.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2009) "Azania Rising: The demise of the 1652 class project", which advances alternatives to capitalist class society in Africa.. CCS Seminar  : 1-11.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2009) Audio Workshop for Photographers; Market Photo Workshop hosted a lecture, screening and public debate on the role of audio in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography . Audio Workshop for Photographers : -.

Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka  (2009) Azania Rising II: The demise of the 1652 class project; advancing alternatives to the crisis of the capitalist class society in Africa.. CCS Seminar : -.

Mafereka Ndlovu, Molefi  (2010) AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA DURBAN SINGS!.  : 1-5.

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