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Centre for Civil Society report on 2009 activities

As 2009 drew to a close, the formal resolutions we had waited a year for finally passed the university of KwaZulu-Natal Council and Senate, giving CCS permanent status within the school of Development Studies. This followed a very positive 2007-08 UKZN Review and then an inexplicable mid-2008 UKZN Administration threat to close the Centre, in turn rebuffed by the Howard College Faculty Board after local and international outcries, but not without damage to CCS’s staff complement and morale. The team limped through 2009, and only in September were we authorized to grant contracts longer than three months’ duration.

Then on December 26, we mourned the death of our politico-cultural mentor, Dennis Brutus.

Externally, matters were just as hard for those civil society forces committed to social and environmental transformation. December was also the moment it became clear our planet will suffer extreme global warming, given the outcome of the UN’s Climate Summit; CCS had contributed analysis, newspapers and inputs to a widely-viewed internet film (‘Story of Cap and Trade’). Indeed, 2009’s ongoing economic and environmental crises provided ample evidence of political gridlock on all the macro, meso and micro issues we work on. Having seen many of these processes up close, we’re more impressed by ineptitude of those with power at global/continental/national/local levels, the overweening elite self-interest (mainly on behalf of competing corporations, in the context of a dramatic downturn in profits, financial wealth and output), and states’ ongoing incapacity to pacify rising grassroots fury.
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