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Welcome to the Center for Civil Society.

Contact details
Postal Address: Office A716, Shepstone Building, Level 7, Mazisi Kunene, Glenwood, Durban, 4041, South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0)31 260 3195
Fax: +27 (0)31 260 2502

Our objective as the Centre for Civil Society is to advance
socio-economic and environmental justice by developing critical
knowledge about, for and in dialogue with civil society through
teaching, research and publishing. The Centre was established at the
University of KwaZulu-Natal in July 2001, with the mission of promoting
the study of South African civil society as a legitimate, flourishing
area of scholarly activity. A related goal was to develop partnerships
within civil society aimed at capacity-building, knowledge sharing, and
generating reflection and debate. With an excellent start in these
directions, we now also aim to work across the African continent and
internationally. Our three core strategies are: independent critical
scholarship (including provision of research grants); information
dissemination; and teaching/training. Our staff and associates at UKZN’s
Howard College campus are comprised of academics and research officers,
administrators, visiting scholars, and doctoral and masters students.
Our colleagues include more than 250 research grantees, Research
Associates, community liaisons and other collaborators.

CCS Evaluation Reports & Other Documents

CCS (2010), A Scholarship of Engagement ‑ Contribution to School of
Development Studies Review covering 2004‑09 Scholarship and Activities

CCS allies (2008), Testimonials about CCS from civil society and
academics, August 2008

Lee, Christopher (2008) Sovereignty, Neo-Liberalism, and the Post-Diasporic Politics of Globalization:. Radical History Review, #103, Fall 2008: -.

Sogge, David (2006) Inquiring Activism: The Centre for Civil Society Five Years On. Centre for Civil Society : 1-36.

UKZN (2008) CCS UKZN Review 29 February 2008.  : 1-28.

CCS Funding

Grant programme & Funded Applications
CCS Grants
Since 2002, the centre for civil society has periodically run calls for proposals for small research projects on civil society. The programme was generously funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies. From 2002-2004 the grants were capped at R100 000 and have since been capped at R50 000. Some asked for far smaller amounts in order to complete their work. A total of 87 proposals were successful, 11 in 2002, 29 in 2003, 14 in 2004, 10 in 2004-5 (small grants), and 23 in 2005. In addition the funds have been used to support 3 doctoral students for 3 years each and 4 postdoctoral fellows for two years each.

The following are the outputs of the projects completed to date. These are a combination of grant reports, which are the reports as the grantees submitted them, and research reports which went through a review process and were published as part of the CCS research report series. They are organised according to the year in which the grant was awarded.

Unfortunately the grant programme in its current form has now come to an end and there will be no further calls for proposals.

Funded Applications

2002 Round
Anyanwu, Chikadbya & Mathekga, Ralph 2003 Specificities of social capital in rural African setting: the case of Gammalebogo communities in Limpopo Province South Africa, and the Ijaw Communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Blaau, Leslie 2003 A Developed Regional civil Society in Southern Africa? Reflections and Prospects

Bob, Urmilla & Moodley, Vadi 2005 Community-based Organisations, Sustainable Land Use and Management in Marginalised Communities in KZN

Dallimore, Anthea & Mgimeti, Mihloti 2003 Democratic Banking in the New South Africa: Challenging Contemporary Banking Practices at Grass Roots

Desai, Ashwin 2003 Neo-liberalism and its Discontents: The Rise of Community Movements in post-apartheid South Africa

Fleming, Samantha; Herzenberg, Collette & Africa, Cherrel 2003 Civil Society, Public Participation and Bridging the Inequality Gap in South Africa

Greenstein, Ran 2003 State, Civil Society and the Reconfiguration of Power in Post-apartheid South Africa CCS Research report number 8

Koelble, Thomas & others 2003 Chiefs and Democrats: On the Compatibility of Traditional Authorities and Political Democracy in South Africa

Lumsden, Fiona & Loftus, Alex 2003 Inanda’s struggle for water through pipes and tunnels:Exploring state-civil society relations in a post apartheid informal settlement. CCS Research report number 6

Naidoo, Prishani & Veriava, Ahmed 2005 Re-Membering Movements: Trade Unions & New Social Movements in NeoLiberal South Africa CCS Research report number 28

Pickover, Michelle 2004 The Environmental Movement in South Africa: An Analysis of Animal-Based Issues, Campaigns and Organisations

2003 Round
Akintola, Olagoke 2005 Community Responses to HIV/AIDS: The role of volunteers in home-based care for people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa

du Toit, Marijke 2004 Durban South Photography Project Report February 2003 to 30 April 2004

Edigheji, Omano & Momoh, Abubakar 2006 Nigerian human rights civil society organisations: Contestations and engagements with the state (1987-2003)

Galvin, Mary 2004 Survival, Development, or Advocacy? A Preliminary Examination of Rural CBOs in South Africa

Gordon, Anne J. & Camay, Phiroshaw 2004 Corporate Social Investment by State-Owned Enterprises

Greenberg, Stephen 2004 Post-apartheid Development, Landlessness and the Reproduction of Exclusion in South Africa CCS Research report number 17

Gule, Khwezi 2004 Exploration of Social Unionism in the Context of Neo-Liberalism: Investigation of the Engen strike of 2001 as a focal point for emerging politics in Wentworth and Social Unionism

Guliwe, Thulani 2005 Civil Society and the State: Civil society at a crossroads

Kirsten, Adčle 2004 The Role of Social Movements in Gun Control: An international comparison between South Africa, Brazil and Australia CCS Research report number 21

Kruger, Lynette; McDaid, Liz & Sowman, Merle (2005a) The Role of Civil Society in Environmental Decision-Making in South Africa

Kruger, Lynette; McDaid, Liz & Sowman, Merle (2005b) A framework to assess the role played by civil society in environmental decision-making in South Africa

Mngxitama, Andile 2005 The National Land Committee, 1994-2004: A Critical Insider's Perspective CCS Research report number 34

Victor Munnik, with Mashile Phalane 2004 The SA Water Caucus - is it a good vehicle for global justice and local rural issues

Nyakudya, Morris 2003 Beyond the usual suspects: The role of civil society, farmers and donors in Zimbabwe political liberalization

Omarjee, Nadira & Lau, Ursula 2005 Conflicts in Africa: Intersectionality of GBV and HIV/AIDS

Parsley, Jennifer 2005 Displaced and discarded: the role of civil society organizations in promoting socio-economic rights for refugees and asylum seekers in South Africa

Smith, Terry 2004 The potential for participatory budgeting in South Africa: A case study of the “People’s Budget” in eThekwini Municipality

van Heusden, Peter & Pointer, Rebecca 2005 Subjectivity, Politics and Neo-Liberalism in Post-Apartheid Cape Town

Weeks, Anna 2006 The struggle against water privatisation in Mbombela between 1997 and 2004

Whitcher, Benita 2005 A Consideration of the Law as both Objective and Subjective Force in Shaping Recent Community Movement Struggles in South Africa

Xali, Mthetho 2005 Seeking Trade Union and Community Organisation linkages in the Cape Town Metropolitan area: Possibilities for new trade unionism and new social movements

Xali, Mthetho; Davies, Anna & Gentle, Leonard 2005 The new social movements: Women’s participation and women’s leadership

2004 Round

Cock, Jacklyn and Munnik, Victor Throwing Stones at a Giant:
An account of the Steel Valley struggle against pollution from the Vanderbijlpark Steel Works

Greenberg, Stephen 2006 Urban food politics, welfare and resistance: a case study of the southern Johannesburg metro

Piper,Laurence & Deacon,Roger Deepening Democracy, Enhancing Elite Control or Just Ineffectual? Ward Committee Politics in the Msunduzi Municipality.

McKinley, Dale T. & de Villiers, Fiona 2005 Behind Closed Doors: The State, Civil Society and the Crisis of Basic Services in South Africa’s Educational System

2004-2005 small grants

O'Sullivan, Aoibheann 2005 3 videos available on request:'Carbon Credits and Durban's Dump' 'Abasebenzi e-Wyatt Rd (Workers at Wyatt Rd)' 'Kennedy Road and the Councillor'

van Heusden, Peter & Mzolisa, Jonathan 2006 The Cuban Heights land occupation

2005 Round

Musuka, Godfrey 2006 Preliminary Exploration of Views from Health Civil Groups on Current Health Legislation of Zimbabwe


Aborisade, Femi 2006 Labour and socio-economic rights development and Nigeria’s commercialization and privatization policy:A descriptive appraisal

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