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Simone Claar

Personal Details
Organization: Visiting Scholar
Address: Centre for Civil Society
City: Durban
Country: South Africa
E-mail Address:

Job Description
Visting Scholar

Other information
Simone Claar (1983) studied political science at Philipps-University Marburg (2007). In 2005 she spent at the University of Stellenbosch. During her studying she worked for a member of the Hessian parliament and worked on social policy issues. Aside from this she worked as a studentís assistance for different lecturers and held tutorials. Presently, she is a doctoral student and research associate at the Political Science Institute at the Goethe University, Frankfurt/Germany. She is analysing political, economic and social processes in contemporary South Africa, especially in relation to trade and international political economy. Her Phd is about the political economy of South Africa in the context of the EPA negotiations

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