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Smith Nicholas Rush

Personal Details
Organization: Visiting Scholar
E-mail Address:
Degree: MA

Job Description
Visiting Scholar

Research Interest
violent crime, policing, state building, and democratic theory.

Other information
I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago. At CCS I will be pursuing research for my dissertation, which is prospectively titled “The Politics of Protection: Crime and Policing in Post-Apartheid South Africa.” Despite citizen’s having access to South Africa’s first democratic police force and massive reform within the organization, policing by groups outside of the state – for example, lynch mobs, vigilantes, gangs and civic associations – is broadly practiced. My research asks: Why has extra-state policing been so prevalent in South Africa’s townships since the end of apartheid? What can the South African case tell us about the high rates of extra-state policing in other transitional democracies? What does the prevalence of extra-state policing suggest about the difficulties of democratic state building and the high rates of violent crime in transitional democracies? I hold MA degrees from the University of Chicago and George Washington University and a BA degree from the College of William and Mary.

Online Publications
Nicholas Rush, Smith (2009) The Politics of Protection: Crime and Policing Outside of the State in South Africa. CCS Seminae Series : 1-14.

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