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Maria Schuld

Personal Details
Organization: Visiting Scholar
E-mail Address:
Degree: Political Science Diploma

Job Description
Visiting Scholar

Research Interest
My research interest lies in transition periods from civil war to what we commonly understand as 'peace', in which armed groups transform into political parties. I want to identify characteristics of violent dynamics and ‑ if possible ‑ changes of violent patterns during these transformations. The violent conflict in KwaZulu‑Natal during the last decades is supposed to be one of my case studies.

Other information
Graduate student Freie University, Berlin. Research: Strategies of violence in African post conflict elections

I grew up in Cologne, Germany, and started to study Political Science (German 5 year Diplom) and Physics (B.Sc. + M.Sc.) in Berlin in 2007.
Although the two subjects have very little in common I developed a deep passion for both of them and decided to follow these diverging interests. Besides my studies, traveling has always been important for me. In 2010 I finally came to visit South Africa, immediately fell in love with the country and since then I come back to Durban as often as possible.

Online Publications
Schuld, Maria  (2012) Small Wars in KZN: Changes and continuities in violent event types in KwaZulu and Natal. CCS Seminar : 1-10.

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