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Peter  Sutoris

Personal Details
Organization: Visiting Scholar
Country: UK
E-mail Address:
Web Address:
Degree: PhD. Candidate (Education)

Job Description
PhD candidate

Research Interest
Peter Sutoris a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge area of research: Environmental activism and environmental education: (De)Politicising struggles in India and South Africa

Other information
Peter Sutoris, born in Slovakia, is a scholar of development, a documentary filmmaker and an educator. He is the director and producer of The Undiscovered Country, a film about education, development and environmental degradation in the Marshall Islands, and an author of Visions of Development (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016), a study of Indian postcolonial development ideology through the prism of state-sponsored documentary films. He has lived and worked in South Asia, the Pacific, the Balkans and South Africa. A History graduate of Dartmouth College, he is currently a PhD candidate and Gates Scholar at the Education Faculty of Cambridge University. His current research focuses on the politics cross-cultural scalability of development interventions, with a focus on environmental education programs.

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