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Filiberto  Gomez

Personal Details
Organization: Past Visting Scholar
Address: Centre for Civil Society
City: Durban
Postal Code: 4019
Country: South Africa
Phone Number: 27 31 2602825
Fax Number: 27 31 2602502
E-mail Address:
Degree: B. A. in Education

Job Description
Visiting film maker

Other information
"I'm visiting south africa until late april to participate in organiztions
actively engaged in shaping the trajectory of civil society following the
end of apartheid. I recently spent eight months on a similar project in
Guatemala were the peace accords ended one of the bloodiest entanglemntes in the americas since the conquest. I focused on rural poverty, sustainable development, agrarian reform and womens political empowerment. I have a background in film editing and my thesis project dealt with Critical pedagogy and challenges from a postructuralist feminist perspective.

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