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Graham Erion

Personal Details
Organization: Past Visiting Scholar
Address: Centre for Civil Society
City: Durban
Postal Code: 4190
Country: South Africa
Cellular Number: 072 492 5759
E-mail Address:
Degree: BA (Hon.) MES/LLB (pending)

Job Description
Visiting Scholar

Research Interest
Climate change policy (specifically carbon trading and carbon taxes); policy networks and development; global environmental politics and global civil society; international environmental law

Other information
Graham is a climate change activist and researcher with a strong background in policy work. He began working on climate change policy while at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia and then spent a year immersed in energy policy while working for the Ontario government. Graham returned to university to study law and environmental studies at York University, in Toronto where he is presently researching his Masters thesis entitled, “The New Politics of Climate Change: CDM Projects, Climate Justice, and Transnational Advocacy Networks.” In addition to the academic realm, Graham has also collaborated with many of environmental activists in Canada and abroad through his work around climate change.

Online Publications
Erion, Graham  (2002) Brandishing the Eye of the Needle: The Deflation of our Materialist Culture and The Quest for an Anti-Consumption Movement in Canada. Department of Political Science, University of Victoria Political Science Undergraduate Honours Thesis: 1-52.

Erion, Graham  (2005) Selling Out the Sky: Theories on Emissions Trading, Property Rights, and the Public Trust. Centre for Civil Society : 1-19.

Erion, Graham  (2005) Letter to the Star NewsPaper. The Durban Group for Climate Justice : 1-1.

Erion, Graham (2005) Graham’s “Activist Training” Overview. Centre for Civil Society : 1-2.

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