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Femi  Aborisade

Personal Details
Organization: Past Visiting Scholar
Address: Centre for Civil Society
City: Durban
Postal Code: 4019
Country: South Africa
E-mail Address:

Job Description
Visiting Scholar

Research Interest
Social movements, labour, industrial relations and human rights issues

Other information
An accomplished researcher in the area of labour movements and lecturer in Industrial and Labour Relations in the Polytechnic, Ibadan, Nigeria, Femi Aborisade has attended several international conferences, congresses and workshops organized by the Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa (CODESRIA), International Labour Organisation (I.L.O.), International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (I.C.F.T.U.) in Senegal, Italy, England, Scotland, Kenya, Austria and Switzerland. A member of the Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa (CODESRIA), African Population Studies (U.A.P.S.) and Nigerian Institute of Management (N.I.M.), Aborisade holds a Masters Degree in Industrial and Labour Relations (M.I.L.R.) from the University of Ibadan. A committed trade unionist and human rights advocate for about three decades, Aborisade has for several periods been detained without trial by successive military and civilian regimes, from 1988 to May 2004. A former Education Officer of the Nigeria Labour Congress (N.L.C.) in the early 1980s, Aborisade has authored several books and papers published in academic journals.

Online Publications by or about Femi Aborisade:
These include:
1. Labour and Social-Economic Rights Development and Nigeria's Commercialisation and Privatization Policy: A descriptive Appraisal on
2. The Remote Causes of the Oil Workers' 1994 Strike in Nigeria by Ifeanyi Onyeonoru and Femi Aborisade in Africa Development, Vol XXVI, Numbers 3 & 4, 2001: 43 - 66 (A CODESRIA Journal)
3. Democracy Interrupted: The case of Femi Aborisade in Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa Newsletter Number 17, Fall 2001 - Winter 2002
4. Globalisation and the Nigerian labour Movement (on the website of Africa Bookcentre Limited Economics)
5.Bibliography International Review of Social History, Vol. 48, Part 3, 2003.
6.Nigeria: Freedom of Association and the Trade Unions Act : A critical Analysis (at the following website:
7.Nigeria: Several Time Bombs in 'Socialist Review''s website

Online Publications
Aborisade, Femi (2006) Labour and socio-economic rights development and Nigeria’s commercialization and privatization policy: A descriptive appraisal
CCS Grant Report, 2006 : 1-87.

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