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Oliver  Meth

Personal Details
Organization: Visiting Scholar
Phone Number: 031 260 1412
E-mail Address:

Job Description
Community Scholar

Research Interest
Gender, race & class, anti-rape, health and human rights

Other information
Oliver Meth is a photographer, writer, activist and the youngest member at the Centre. He joined the world of activism at a very young age, picketing outside the gates of polluting giants in South Durban, where he lives on the fenceline of one of the polluting industries in Wentworth – the Engen Oil Refinery, which the locals mockingly refer to as ‘the ship that never sails’, it borders Wentworth to the East, and a chain of Jacobs industries enclose the entire Western boundary. In terms of composition, Wentworth also includes the more affluent Treasure Beach, which is buffered from Wentworth proper by the Engen Refinery.

After taking up a course in journalism (specializing in photojournalism), he worked for South Africa’s oldest newspaper, Grocott’s Mail in Grahamstown before returning back to his home town in Durban, where he later took up a post at the local tabloid newspaper before joining the Centre for Civil Society.

Meth has published in numerous journals, newspapers, magazines and broadcast media. His latest publication, in which his photographic work can be seen, is titled Youth2Youth: 30 Years after 1976, edited by George Hallet (Published by Wits University Press).

Meth has been a photographer and research assistant in the Durban South Photography Project (DSPP), where he took part in community photographic workshops and exhibitions held in Wentworth, Merebank and Lamontville. The DSPP culminated in the exhibition in the Durban Art Gallery, Breathing Spaces: Environmental Portraits of Durban's Industrial South, in 2007 and will tour Cape Town in 2009.

Online Publications
Meth, Oliver (2008) AIDS, youth, women and civil society. Eye on Civil Society : -.

Meth, Oliver (2008) Pictures from the SDCEA anti Nuke Protest. SDCEA : -.

Meth, Oliver  (2008) So when do we get serious about HIV/Aids? . Eye on Civil Society : -.

Meth, Oliver (2008) Racial Identity Still Goes Deep in Education.  : -.

Meth, Oliver Translation & kaManzi, Faith (2008) Sizidonselani izinyawo ngesimo segciwane lengculazi. Eye on Civil Society : -.

Meth Oliver Translated by kaManzi, Faith (2008) Ukwahlukaniswa ngobuzwe kusaqhubeka kakhulu kwezemfundo.
Eye on Civil Society : -.

Meth, Oliver  (2008) South Africa will risk hosting 2010 . Centre for Civil Society : -.

Meth, Oliver  (2008) Wentworth becomes a war zone again: Pollution, gangsterism and violence are on the increase. The Mercury Eye on Civil Society : -.

Meth, Oliver (2008) ‘We're Still Here’’ The Aftermath of Xenophobia in Durban. Centre for Civil Society : 1-14.

Meth Oliver (2010) No World Cup fun and games for some. The Mercury (Eye on Civil Society column) : -.

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