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Carlos  Bruen

Personal Details
Organization: Visiting Scholar
E-mail Address:
Degree: MSc Equality Studies

Job Description
Visiting Scholar

Research Interest
Global politics & development (incl. institutions and practices); inequality & social change; discourse, knowledge & social representations.

Other information
Carlos Bruen is a Teaching Fellow in the Equality Studies Centre, UCD School of Social Justice, Dublin (Ire), where he teaches and contributes to modules on global justice, media and activism and research methods. He has been involved in a number of research projects, including equality and power in schools and information framing in public discourse on global development and poverty. He is on the editorial board of the Irish-based journal Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review. Carlos is also a PhD candidate at the Institute of Social Psychology, LSE (UK). His research is on social representations of global development, and is situated within the context of Irish foreign policy, structures in which it is processed and the inherent relationship between the Irish state and international society. More specifically, and drawing on a social psychological perspective, the project examines the cognitive dimension of development and aid in social context, documenting the perspectives of various stakeholders within broader political, historical and cultural contexts. He has recently become part of a Dublin-Antwerp research group investigating stakeholder perspectives on the effects of global health initiatives on the health and HIV/AIDS systems in three African countries, including human resource effects and civil society involvement.

Online Publications
Bruen, Carlos (2008) Hollow pledges in dealing with refugees
Eye on Civil Society (The Mercury) : -.

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