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Mark Stern

Personal Details
Organization: Honorary Lecturer
E-mail Address:
Degree: BS 2002; MA 2004 ; PhD 2010

Other information
Mark Stern is an Assistant Professor of Educational Studies at Colgate University in Central New York State, USA. His teaching and research interests revolve around the political and cultural economy of public education, education policy, and social movements. For the past two years, and with his colleague Mary Moran, he has been teaching a class called Social Movements in South Africa. After a semester-long course examining the contemporary social and political landscape, the class travels to South Africa for three weeks spending half of the time at the Centre for African Studies at UCT and the other half with the Centre for Civil Society at UKZN.

Educational Studies, 12 Persson Hall
p 315-228-6136

BS, Penn State University, 2002; MA, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2004, PhD, Syracuse University, 2010

Political economy of public education; educational policy; social theory; philosophy and education

Peer-Reviewed Journals
Hussain, K. & Stern, M. "Lessons From the 'Pen Alongside the Sword': School Reform Through the Lens of the Radical Black Press," forthcoming in Critical Education.
Stern, M. & Hussain, K. "On the Charter Question: Black Marxism & Black Nationalism," forthcoming in Race Ethnicity and Education.
Stern, M., Clonan, S., Jaffee, L.*, & Lee, A.* "The Normative Limits of Choice: Charter Schools, Disability Studies, and Questions of Inclusion," forthcoming in Educational Policy.
Stern. M., & Johnston, D.K. "'I want to do Teach For America, not become a teacher,'" Critical Education 4.13 (2013); 1-27.
Stern, M. "Bad Teacher: What Race to the Top learned from the 'race to the bottom'," Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies 11.3 (2013); 194-229.
Stern, M. "Love in a Time of Global Warming," Pre/Text: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory 22.1 (2013); 47-68.
Stern, M. "'We Can't Build Our Dreams On Suspicious Minds': Neoliberalism, Educational Policy, and the Feelings Left Over," Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies 12.5 (2012); 387-400.
Stern, M. "Presence, Absence, and the Presently Absent: Ethics and the Pedagogical Possibilities of Photographs," Educational Studies 48:2 (2012); 174-198.

Laura Jaffee '13 was an undergraduate research apprentice while co-authoring this paper. Anna Lee '11 was working toward her Master of Public of Public Policy in K-12 Education at Vanderbilt's Peabody College of Education and Human Development.

Book Chapters
"The Yid and the Yang: Christina in Search of Her Inner-Mensch." In Grace Under Pressure: Grey's Anatomy Uncovered, edited by Cynthia Burkhead and Hillary Robson. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008. With Kal Alston.

Other Publications
"Is That a Solar Panel in Your Pocket? The Erotics of Environmentalism," Interview: Teacher Writers for a Public Voice (2008); 14-18.

Classes Taught
The American School (EDUC 101)
Education for Peace and Non-Violence (EDUC 210)
Queering Education (EDUC/LGBT 241)
Politics and Education (EDUC 310)
Seminar in Curriculum Theory
Challenges of Modernity (CORE 152)
Social Movements in South Africa--Extended Study (ALST 380)
Situating Relation in Photographic Exposure: Education, Ethics, and the Framing of Violence

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