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The Dennis Brutus Memorial Debate Series & Wolpe Lecture Archive

Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine 5 August


Social movements, from SA to BRICS to the world 31 March




Brutus Memorial Debate on Marikana, 22 November


Durbans Corruptions & Disruptions


The Harold Wolpe Memorial Lecture Series

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Wolpe Lectures & Reviews 2011
Rights of Nature and Climate Politics Pablo Salon, 2 December

Community Climate Summit 28 October

Wolpe lecture on South Africa's transition John Saul, 29 September

Will Palestine be free Mustafa Barghouti, 25 August

The second Arab revolt, the United States, and the future of Africa Immanuel Wallestein, 23 June

Film & Discussion: Shack Theatre Florian Kunert and Phillip Hol, 26 May

An Election Debate: “To Vote or Not to Vote 21 April


Wolpe Lecture on Climate Change 19 February


Wolpe Lectures & Reviews 2010
CCS Wolpe film screenings Pamela Ngwenya and community videomakers, 20 November

Wolpe Lecture in Honour of Fatima Meer with Ashwin Desai & Goolam Vahed, 16 November

Indians in South Africa: 150 Years.Professor Dilip Menon & Ms. Ela Gandhi, 21 October

Media Information & Freedom A debate between academics, journalists, civil society and the ruling party, 26 August 2010

Social Justice Ideas in Civil Society Politics A colloquium of scolar activists, 29 July 2010

Who scores in 2010 Durban communities march for a ‘World Cup for All’, 16 June

What is global apartheid, and why do we fight it? Yash Tandon, 11 March 2010

Review of the Gerima lecture By Annsilla Nyar

Wolpe Lectures & Reviews 2009
Crisis of the Capitalist System: Where Do We Go From Here Immanuel Wallerstein 5 November

Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict What we can learn from Gandhi
Norman Finkelstein 20 August 2009

A Pan-African Harold Wolpe Lecture Tunde Adegbola & Durban Sings 16 July

Economic crisis and prospects for social revolution
Alex Callinicos 18 June

Poverty & xenophobia: State failures, social challenges Bishop Paul Verryn 21 May

William Gumede on the Democracy Gap,30 April

Wolpe Lecture: Civil Society Internationalism, 22 January

Wolpe Lectures & Reviews September - December 2008
Harold Wolpe Lecture Debate: Cope vs Civil Society Mosiuoa Lekota, Ashwin Desai and Dennis Brutus (chair) 18 December

Wolpe Lecture on Zimbabwe (MDC, ZSF, Idazim) Thokozani Khupe 22 November 2008

Wolpe Lecture Panel: Zimbabwe Solidarity Today!Tendai Biti & Bishop Rubin Phillip 30 October 2008

Wolpe Lecture panel: Wasted Lives Muna Lakhani 25 September 2008

Wolpe Lectures & Reviews January - August 2008
Wolpe Lecture panel, on the issue of Water for All! Patra Sindane, Jackie Dugard, Dale McKinley 28 August 2008

Zimbabwe and People's Solidarity: Now's the Time! CCS & Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum - South Africa 24 July 2008

How do we solve our common problems? Communities against Xenophobia & Wolpe Lecture 12 June 2008

A Feminist Political Economy of Development and the New Imperialism Eunice Sahle 26 April 2008

Truth, Propaganda, Power: An evening with John Pilger 30 March 2008

To the Brink: The State of Democracy in South Africa Xolela Mangcu 21 February 2008

Wolpe Lecture on the WSF Trevor Ngwane 26 January 2008

Wolpe Lectures & Reviews July - December 2007
The State of SA’s Social Movements Mondli Hlatshwayo, Des D’Sa and Orlean Naidoo 22 November

A Tradition of Activism Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge 13 September 2007

Robert Mugabe, the memory of colonialism and the real neo-colonial agenda Grace Kwinjeh 23 August 2007

Pan-Africanism and the 21st Century Revolution Horace Campbell 12 July 2007


Wolpe Lectures & Reviews January - June 2007
Ben Cashdan, Walden Bello & others 28 June 2007

The rise of the disciplinary university Jane Duncan 17 May 2007

Making Real the Right to Housing”
Miloon Kothari 19 April 2007

Regaining our Tongues: The Challenges of Writing in Indigenous Languages Ngugi wa Thiong'o 23 March 2007

Fatima Meer Activism for Democracy 22 February 2007

Wolpe Lectures & Reviews 2006
The Iraq War and the Responsibility of Resistance George Galloway 21 December 2006

A call to leadership: The role of Africans in the Development Agenda
Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane 30 November 2006

Wars in the Middle East : What Citizens Movements Can do Phyllis Bennis 24th August 2006

Vans, Autos, Kombis and the Drivers of Social Movements Aswin Desai 28 July 2006

The greatest threat to future stability in our country vs the greatest strength of Abahlali baseMjondolo movement SA. (shack dwellers) Sbu Zikode 30 June 2006

The power of critical Pedagogy Peter McLaren 25 May 2006

The Gender Implications of the Zuma Health Trial Pregs Govender 18 May 2006

Wolpe Lectures & Reviews July - December 2005
After the Interregnum: International Aid in the Service of Security Alan Fowler 1 December 2005

Talking to the Ancestors: National heritage, the Freedom Charter and nation-building in South Africa in 2005 Raymond Suttner 2 November 2005

Regional resistance and solidarity: SA companies and African workers in Southern Africa' Darlene Miller 6 October

The struggle for Zimbabwe: Contesting the meaning of liberation Wilf Mhanda (Zimbabwe Liberators' Platform) 29 September

Slow Delivery in South Africa’s Land Reform Programme: “The property clause revisited”.Lungisile Ntsebeza 25 August

Unions and social movements in South Africa - Will the twain ever meet? Dinga Sikwebu 4 August

Wolpe Lectures & Reviews January - June 2005
Critical Capacities: Facing the Challenges of Intellectual Development in Africa
Amina Mama's Wolpe Lecture, University of KwaZulu Natal, 23 June 2005, Durban

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Naomi Klein's Wolpe Lecture, University of KwaZulu Natal, 14 June 2005, Durban

Is there any future in the past? A critique of the Freedom Charter in the era of neoliberalism.
Console Tleane's Wolpe Lecture, University of KwaZulu Natal May 26 2005

Democracy and the importance of criticism, dissent and public dialogue
William Mervin Gumede's Wolpe Lecture
, University of KwaZulu Natal, 18 April 2005, Durban

Keeping it in their pants: Politicians, men and sexual assault in South Africa
Charlene Smith's Wolpe Memorial Lecture
Centre for Civil Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal 17 March 2005

Wolpe Lectures 2004
Review of Zackie Achmat’s Wolpe Memorial Lecture Ten Years of South Africa’s Democratic Constitution

Review of Giovanni Arrighi’s Lecture, “The Rough Road to Empire”

Ten Years of Democracy: From Racial to Class Apartheid

An Incomplete Freedom

Review of Mark Gevisser’s “Are We Living the Dream Deferred?”

From Liberation to reconstruction: Theory and practice in the life of Harold Wolpe

Review: Sexuality as the theatre for post-apartheid political battles?

Wolpe Review: Building and Sustaining....a Women's Movement in the Zimbabwean Crisis

The Fires of Memory: A review of Tariq Ali's Harold Wolpe Memorial Lecture

The Global Justice Movement 5 years after Seattle

Wolpe Lectures & Reviews 2003
Professor Sampie Terreblanche’s Lecture on Inequality in South Africa: A Review by Claire Vermaak

AIDS: Crisis and Resistance A review by Mandisa Mbali

A South African architecture: what is it, where is it?

Passageways: Revisiting Self, The Society of the Spectacle and Moby-Dick by Darryl Accone

Land: Critical Choices for South Africa: A review by Peter Dwyer

Review of David Theo Godlberg’s lecture The Death of Race

Bram Fischer and the Question of Identity

The African Renaissance and the Neo-Liberal World Order: A review by Peter Dwyer

Education & Social Movements - From peoples Education to Neoliberalism

Another journalism is possible : Critical challenges for the media in South Africa

Review of Stephen Friedman’s “Why South African Democracy has not Reduced Inequality”

Wolpe Lectures & Reviews 2002
The (Self-Imposed) Crisis of the Black Intellectual: Jonathan Jansen's Wolpe lecture

Organising for Second Freedom - Ela R. Bhatt's Wolpe Lecture

The Basic Income Grant: Poverty, Politics and Policy-making: Ravi Naidoo's Wolpe lecture

Anton Harber's Harold Wolpe Lecture on Journalism in the Age of the Market

Fences and Windows: Windows of oppotunity in an era of fenced in resources and fenced out out people Naomi Klein and Ashwin Desai

David McDonald's Wolpe Lecture on cost recovery and the crisis of service delibery in South Africa

The 2nd Harold Wolpe Memorial Lecture - Stephen Gelb and Roger Southall on NEPAD

The Inaugural Harold Wolpe Memorial Lecture with Sipho Seepe and Pallo Jordan: A review by Annsilla Nyar


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