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Mapping Inanda rubbish and Valley of 1000 Hills sanitation,21 February

Gcina Makoba's presentation

Thuli Hlela's presentation

Speakers: Gcina Makoba and Thuli Hlela
Date: Thursday, 21 February 2013
Time: 12:30-14:00
Venue: CCS Seminar Room 601, 6th Floor, MTB Tower, Howard College

Topic: The gathering of recyclable rubbish in Inanda township by a women waste-pickers' collective has created a variety of understandings about our society, its waste, and its community activists and entrepreneurs, as well as teaching the participants numerous ways in which collective eco-social initiative can be foiled by municipal bureaucrats. Similarly, bureaucratic decision-making processes for municipal sanitation provision that prevail in the Valley of 1000 Hills in northwestern Durban are celebrated by many local and even world leaders (including Bill Gates) but criticised by others for imposing inequities on low-income black women: and

Speakers: Gcina Makoba and Thuli Hlela are long-standing community activists and CCS Dennis Brutus Community Scholars since 2012, whose practical work elaborates our centre's concerns about society, nature and governance. They are participating in the Antipode geography journal mapping of social resistance to various forms of oppression in Durban, in advance of CCS hosting the 2013 Antipode Institute in May-June.

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