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Social conflict mapping in Durban, 22 January

Speakers: China Ngubane, Patrick Bond and the Brutus Community Scholars
Date: Tuesday 22 January 2013
Time: 12:30-14:00
Venue: CCS Seminar Room 602, 6th Floor, MTB Tower, Howard College

Topic: The technique of generating spatial reflections of social processes has not been adequately attempted in relation to Durban's numerous social protests. These protests have recently been analysed (by Shauna Mottiar and Patrick Bond) in Politikon, and their mapping has been sponsored by the journal Antipode ( The first cut at several maps by the Centre for Civil Society Dennis Brutus Community Scholars will be reviewed, including a geographical understanding of microgrievances and social mobilisation techniques in Umlazi.

Speakers: China Ngubane has been working with Occupy Umlazi and many other social movements in Durban, and is a Brutus Community Scholar. Bond directs the UKZN Centre for Civil Society and coauthored a recent study of social protest in Durban:

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The Politics of Discontent and Social Protest in Durban
Shauna Mottiar & Patrick Bond

Social protests in South Africa are frequent, contributing to an average of more than 8000 ‘Gatherings Act’ incidents per year recently, according to the South African Police Service. This paper is focused on discontent and social protest in Durban in 2009–2012, considering emerging trends and tactics within current understandings of social protest in South Africa. It relies mainly on mainstream media articles such as those archived in the Centre for Civil Society Social Protest Observatory. The paper examines various protest activities and protest victories in Durban, arguing that in the light of state failure, protest has been an important mechanism through which Durban citizens have made gains in the struggle for improved socio-economic conditions

Photos from the seminar

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