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Southern African people's solidarity dynamics, 28 August

Date: Thursday, 28 August 2014
Time: 12:30-2pm
Venue: CCS Seminar Room, 6th floor of Memorial Tower Building, UKZN Howard College
Presenters: China Ngubane and Sizwe Shiba

Topic: The Southern African Development Community People's Summit in Bulawayo in mid-August brought more than 2000 regional activists into alignment, to critique the local, national and regional power structure. Its workshops and final manifesto reflected the diverse people's movements and their uneven growth in struggle. Activists focused on democracy, resource politics, land, environment, women's rights, youth aspirations, state service delivery and economic justice, as well as the way the biggest international problems are reflected in the region. There are many relationships between regional and local progressive activism, and linking these together will eventually pave the way for an alternative regional political economy, ecology and mode of social cohesion.

Presenters: China Ngubane is coordinator of the CCS Dennis Brutus Community Scholar programme. Sizwe Shiba is an Umlazi activist who helped organise Occupy Umlazi in 2012. Both were delegates to the SADC People's Summit.

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