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CCS Seminar: Should I stay or should I go? Exploring mobility in the context of climatically-driven environmental change.

Speaker: Mark Tebboth
Date: Wednesday 27 June 2018
Time: 13:00-14:00
Venue: CCS Seminar Room A726, Level 7, Shepstone, Howard College, UKZN

Why do people migrate and under what conditions? Who migrates and, just as importantly, who does not? What does migrating mean for those who leave and those who remain? Why does migration contribute to positive outcomes for some and negative or neutral outcomes for others and how can we understand these processes? How are the outcomes of migration distributed differently within households? In marginal rural locations choice in livelihood strategy such as decisions to move location influences levels of individual and household resilience under conditions of environmental change. At the same time, both the level and endowments associated with mobility and the entitlement to mobility are unevenly distributed across populations. This seminar will draw together these separate findings to conceptualise location choice as a set of mobility endowments and mobility entitlements, and examine how choice affects the ability to be mobile and its role in mediating levels of resilience to livelihood shocks associated with changing environmental conditions. Using data drawn from research in Anhui Province, China the seminar will show that individuals and households who possess the ability to decide and to subsequently enact decisions about mobility are more resilient compared to other individuals and households that lack that ability. Moreover, households practicing short-term, circular mobility are more resilient than those households that practice long-term mobility.

Speaker Bio:
Dr Mark Tebboth is Senior Research Associate, School of International Development, affiliated to the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

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