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CCS Seminar: Wokeness vs Consciousness

Speaker: Thobani Zikalala
Date: Wednesday 13 March 2019
Time: 13:00 -14:00
Venue: CCS Seminar Room A726, Level 7, Shepstone, Howard College, UKZN

Taking stock of the Azanian Revolution. Examining Wokeness and Consciousness. What are the differences and the emerging tendencies? What lessons can be learnt from the past, Arab Springs to Fees Must Fall, Tahrir Square to the Union Buildings? Drawing from Kwame Ture’s thinking on the Unconscious and Conscious, this seminar attempts to clear the air on these similar but different concepts and poses the question: What is to be done?

Speaker Bio:
Thobani is a BA student in Political Science at UKZN and the KZN Provincial Spokesperson of the Radical BC movement, Black First Land First. He is describes himself as a Black Consciousness and Pan Africanist adherent and a student of the Azanian Revolution. An existentialist at heart his quest is to solve the Black Existential Crisis.

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