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CCS and the Right2Know Campaign Seminar: Your Right To Protest in South Africa

Speakers: Sthembiso Khuluse and Daniel Dunia
Date: Friday 12 April 2019
Time: 13:00-15:00
Venue: CCS Seminar Room A726, Level 7, Shepstone, Howard College, UKZN

For many people across South Africa, the right to protest and associated rights such as freedom of expression — are under threat. Police and other government officials manipulate the Regulation of Gatherings Act to find reasons to shut down protests and make it difficult for activists to organize and participate in protests lawfully. Police brutality at protests continues to be a major problem for many communities across the country.

The seminar will provide basic information about the main law affecting the right to protest, the Regulation of Gatherings Act. It will explain the legal definition of a “gathering” and the legal rights and duties of protest organizers. The seminar focuses on key points such as in terms of the law; you are required to give notice of a planned gathering – which is different from “asking permission”. The seminar will also give a basic explanation of court processes that may follow a protester arrest and what to do in those situations. It will further provide general advice on protecting the right to protest, learning from lessons of activist movements, and potential contacts for support and solidarity.

Speaker Bios:
Sthembiso Khuluse and Daniel Dunia are activists at the Right2Know Campaign and have been part of a number of campaigns protecting citizen rights in South Africa and advocating access and social justice for all.

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