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Seminar Series: On the State of South Africa's Electricity & Water Service Delivery

UKZN's Centre for Civil Society Seminar Series on the State of South Africa's Electricity & Water Service Delivery

In this seminar series, we engage scholars, activists, and social movements to examine the methods and actions that they have deployed to advocate for equal access to the basic rights of water and energy. We will invite speakers to unpack some of the political, economic, and historical conditions that have contributed to an “unjust”, “unequal” and “racist” water and energy supply.

Seminar:Building People's Power to Reclaim the Just Energy Transition Speaker:Alex Lenferna
Facilitators:Andries Motau & Danford Chibvongodze
Date:Thursday, 30 May 2024
Time:16:00-17:00 (SA Time)
Zoom Link:

In the context of South Africa's energy and climate crisis, the term “just transition” has come to be a buzz word that is used by a variety of differing and often competing stakeholders, from radical grassroots organisations to big polluting corporations. While it is encouraging that more people and institutions are recognizing the need for a just transition, the worry is that the term is losing the more radical meaning that it initially had. Indeed, the Just Energy Transition in South Africa has been largely captured by the private sector in South Africa and watered down by the government. This talk will discuss how civil society in South Africa can rebuild People's Power to reclaim the more radical vision of a just transition.

Speaker Bio:

Dr Alex Lenferna is a post-doctoral research fellow at Nelson Mandela University in the Department of Development Studies – on a National Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Fellowship. He is also the elected General Secretary and co-founder of the Climate Justice Coalition - a South African coalition of civil society, grassroots, trade union and community-based organisations working together to advance a transformative climate justice agenda. Alex is a first generation South African whose family hails from the small island nation of Mauritius. He has dedicated over fifteen years to research, writing, teaching, and activism on climate justice. His work, writing, and research is freely available at

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