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Seminar Series:Democratic organisation & organising:international examples and lessons

CCS Seminar Series

Over the next two seminars we will be engaging with Dale McKinley a key public intellectual and political activist who has played a critical role in the South African social movement space as well as in community struggles and before that in the liberation movement.

Dr McKinley is based at the International Labour, Research and Information Group (ILRIG). ILRIG is committed to research, education, training and the production of popular materials for labour and community movements in South and Southern Africa. The main focus of their work is to assist movements find new and different ways of organising based on a radical democracy, feminism and egalitarianism that can become a counter-power to capitalism, class rule, nation states, populism, authoritarianism, patriarchy and racism:

About: In times like these, new, creative and dynamic approaches to and practice of, democratic organisation and organising is needed more than ever. And yet, far too many progressive activists and organisations in South Africa appear to be stuck in ‘traditional’ (political and socio-cultural) understandings and practices with little attention paid to relevant international examples and lessons. This talk will engage these realities, offering a glimpse into some of these present-day examples and lessons that can hopefully inspire and advance progressive, people’s democratic organisations and struggle in South Africa.

Date:Wednesday 5 June 2024
Seminar One:Democratic organisation & organising: international examples and lessons
Speaker:Dale T. McKinley
Zoom Link:
Speaker Bio:
Dale T. McKinley is an independent writer, researcher and lecturer and presently, research and education officer at the International Labour, Research and Information Group based in Johannesburg. He holds a PhD. in International Political Economy/African Studies and is a long-time political activist who has been involved in social movement, community and liberation organisations and struggles for almost four decades. The author of several books, Dale has written and researched widely on various aspects of South African and international political, social and economic issues and struggles, and is a regular public speaker as well as contributor and commentator in the media.

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