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April 18-20; 2010: Molefi Mafereka Ndlovu facilitates the homestay programme between: ”The World is on Fire”-programme at Krogerup College and Durban Sings community groups.

For more information visit:

April 18, Sunday:
Noon: Durban Signs hosts and Krogerup Students meet for a picnic to get introduced to each other start off all together.
Introduction of Durban Sings and ”The World is on Fire”-programme.

Students travel to three Durban community groups: Marianridge, Inanda and Mzinyathi and spend the evening together.

April 19, Monday
The students and Durban Sings collectives spend the day together working on oral diaries, interviews or other projects.

Mette and Mikkel (Krogerup Teachers) and Molefi visit the students/families during the day.

April 20th, Tuesday:
Seminar at UKZN (start 9.30):
Sharing of experiences with oral histories and staying with the community groups.
Facilitated by Molefi and Mette.

Follow-up and planning session with 8 Editorial Collectives
4th February 2010 10:00 – 15:00

Initial 2010 gathering of DURBAN SINGS editors coordinating and planning the 2nd phase of the project with 3 representatives of each organisation, including

  • Presenting the publication project and the call for response (jan-march): “Remixing African Oral History for a Global Audience”


  • How each organisation can contribute and edit their representation on the DURBAN SINGS interactive DVD based on the pre-release audio compilation and including up-dates.

  • Each group briefing the others about their new project of producing a media story of their community and how they plan to go about doing it.

  • Gathering and coordinating needs for the realization of the group project.

  • Finalizing proposals under the lead of those groups who have already completed theirs.

  • Motho & radio continental drift


    6th National Oral History Conference
    Cape Town 13-16 October 2009

    DURBAN SINGS a regional community media research project
    By: Molefi Mafereka Ndlovu & Claudia Wegner

    Community media is an area in South African society which could become a
    tool in the hands of ordinary people that could enable them to further
    reassess internal configurations of their communities and households in
    relation to a rapidly changing society with diverse culture/s which has
    been shaped by its difficult history and an uncertain future.
    The Durban Sings: is a regional community media and research project
    that that is based in Durban, KwaZulu Natal; seeking to involving
    participants drawn from media, civic and artist groups and communities
    in the inner city, the townships and surrounding settlements of
    eThekwini Metropolitan Area, who have yet to gain access to the use and
    enjoyment of information communication technologies (ICTs) in general
    and media production/participation in particular.

    A Pan-African Harold Wolpe Lecture

    Launch of the Durban Sings Oral History Project:
    A Pan-African Harold Wolpe Lecture with Tunde Adegbola

    Where: 6 Fisher Street - Gospel for All Nations Community Hall C/r Point and Fisher Street, South Beach, Durban.
    When: July 16 2009, 8.30AM - till late.


    DURBAN SINGS is a regional audio media and oral history project with a story to tell. Using street recordings and internet audio archiving to create an open platform for contributions and remixes from artists and activists around the world. DURBAN SINGS is a sound network joining hemispheres via audio correspondence between listeners; this is represented on the Centre for Civil Society website:,62 under community portal link funded by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in order to facilitate the building of a listening bridge between communities, artists and activist groups in KZN and the rest of the world.

    The project is facilitated by Molefi Mafereka Ndlovu, a community research scholar at the CCS and Dr. Claudia Wegener a visiting scholar from the University of the Arts London

    Eight editorial collectives of the DURBAN SINGS project are uploading an extensive oral history archive of interviews from Clermont, Folweni, Inanda, Ntuzuma, Marianridge, Mzinyathi, Umlazi and the inner city all networked via their own blog-sites and the switch-board blog at:

    Responses, re-broadcasts and re-mixes have been arriving at the site from near and far, among them eThekwini Libraries’ Indigenous Knowledge Project: Ulwazi ( and an entire class of ‘Intercultural Communication’ students at the University of Windsor; Canada. The complete work will be celebrated and launched on the 16th July with a one-day public Wolpe Lecture event in the inner city where the Collectives present their work jointly with guest-speaker Tunde Adegbola, media-activist from Nigeria ( ). A publication of DURBAN SINGS in print and audio will be launched later this year.

    About Tunde Adegbola

    Tunde Adegbola

    Tunde Adegbola is a research scientist, consulting engineer and cultural activist with wide ranging experience in information and communication media systems. He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Information Science (with application in Linguistics). Prior to his present position as the Executive Director of African Languages Technology Initiative (Alt-I), he had contributed to the development of Cellular Automata Transform (CAT) as one of the most advanced compression technologies employed on the global information infrastructure today. He has also made notable contributions in the design and installation of various audio and video production and post-production facilities as well as Radio and TV stations in Nigeria.

    Some of his most outstanding projects include the design and installation of production and broadcasting facilities for Africa Independent Television (AIT), Channels Television, Mainframe Film and Television Productions studios, Media International Productions studios and Klink Studios, all in Nigeria. He was also the technical consultant to the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) that conceptualised, designed and built West Africa democracy Radio (WADR) as a hub of radio stations in West Africa.

    Tunde also teaches as an Associate Lecturer at the Africa Regional Center for Information Science (ARCIS) in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, teaching postgraduate courses in Artificial Intelligence and Information Networking. His present research interests lie in the area of ICT for development, particularly in developing speech technologies for tone African Languages.

    From the vantage point of his involvement in setting up some of the most important production and post-production facilities used in the Nigerian home video production industry over the last twenty years, Tunde has observed and, has from time to time, ventured to make salient commentaries on Nigeria’s fledgling motion picture industry.

    An accomplished musician and a keen sportsman, he is married with three children.




    DURBAN SINGS pre-release compilation 16th July 2009

    Play list:
    01 DS jingle African Roots DURBAN SINGS: archive (0:25)
    02 Service Delivery DURBAN SINGS: Malungisa (2:31)
    03 Formation of the Qadi clan DURBAN SINGS: Malingisa (2:05)
    04 iNanda Dam Crisis DURBAN SINGS: Malungisa (1:09)
    05 Wealth from plantations DURBAN SINGS: Malungisa (1:49)
    06 Area of kosmokind DURBAN SINGS: Ubuntu Babasha (1:12)
    07 Land for 5 pound DURBAN SINGS: Ubuntu Babasha (1:35)
    08 In every sector of life DURBAN SINGS: Ubuntu Babasha (0:10)
    09 Clermont heritage DURBAN SINGS: Ubuntu Babasha (2:42)
    10 Big Business DURBAN SINGS: Ubuntu Babasha (1:08)
    11 Sindi Mfeka DURBAN SINGS: Ubuntu Babasha (0:23)
    12 Anna and Pendeza clip: DURBAN SINGS archive (0:36)
    13 My family: DURBAN SINGS: Community Media Desk (2:31)
    14 Memories of the area DURBAN SINGS Community Media Desk (1:14)
    15 Our security: DURBAN SINGS: Community Media Desk (2:11)
    16 Thanks DURBAN SINGS: Community Media Desk (1:44)
    17 Light on Africa DURBAN SINGS: archive (0:23)
    18 Marri Cele a legend DURBAN SINGS: Youth in Action (2:21)
    19 Mbukeni Ndimande: INK man DURBAN SINGS: Youth in Action (2:47)
    20 Thobekile Ngcobo Ungabukeli phansi omunye DURBAN SINGS: Youth in Action (2:44)
    21 Yolande Mbongwa The future is in her DURBAN SINGS: Youth in Action (1:39)
    22 DS jingle contemporary short DURBAN SINGS: archive (0:22)
    23 Harold Boyce Man among the women DURBAN SINGS: Mariann Coordinating Committee (2:16)
    24 Esodora DeBruin The storyteller DURBAN SINGS: Mariann Coordinating Committee (2:58)
    25 Joyce Anderson knows her roots DURBAN SINGS: Mariann Coordinating Committee (1:06)
    26 Shirley Ricks The next CEQ DURBAN SINGS: Mariann Coordinating Committee (2:56)
    27 Slow development song DURBAN SINGS: Abasha (1:05)
    28 Future for young people DURBAN SINGS: Abasha (2:00)
    29 No houses but tents DURBAN SINGS: Abasha (2:06)
    30 There's a future in this place DURBAN SINGS: Abasha (1:55)
    31 We are unhappy DURBAN SINGS: Abasha (2:28)
    32 Hip-hop clip DURBAN SINGS: Abasha (0:41)
    33 Mqoqi Cele DURBAN SINGS: Umlazi Youth (2:30)
    34 Mfundisi Mandla Sbiya DURBAN SINGS: Umlazi Youth (1:36)
    35 Sbusiso Tony Ndlovu DURBAN SINGS: Umlazi Youth (3:25)
    36 Musolu mini clip AWESOME AFRICA: Mali National Choir (0:31)
    37 Magaret Vilakazi Lembede DURBAN SINGS: Imisebenzi Yentsha (2:28)
    38 Efsquad clip: DURBAN SINGS: Imisebenzi Yentsha (1:14)
    39 Chatsworth History short: DURBAN SINGS archive (1:44)
    40 Chatsworth drums: DURBAN SINGS archive (0:49)
    41 DS jingle contemporary short DURBAN SINGS: archive (0:22)
    42 Tunde Adegbola responds to DURBAN SINGS: pan-african Wolpe (4:01)
    43 DURBAN SINGS producers curtain call: pan-african Wolpe (2:55)
    total playing time: 74 mins

    tracks 1-10:
    tracks 11-20:
    tracks 21-30:
    tracks 31-40:

    tracks 41-43

    Editorial teams of the DURBAN SINGS project in Clermont, Folweni, Inanda, Marianridge, Mzinyathi, Umlazi and the inner city are currently establishing local oral history collections and setting up community media hubs.

    DURBAN SINGS central editorial workshops
    With 40 members of 8 local teams based in Clermont, Folweni, Inanda, Marianridge, Umlazi and the inner city are taking place on 8th and 22nd June from 8:30 to 3:30 at UKZN L1&L1A. Contents of the workshops are reflection, evaluation and analysis of local data-collection, exchange of experiences during the process, pre-production (developing editorial briefs), post-production (developing local editions, periodical, distribution, launches).

    Editorial teams, their areas and organisations:

    Clermont: Ubuntu Babasha: Thembinkosi Daemane, Malaodi Sekake, Mpumelelo Kwini, Zandile Ngidi

    Folweni Township: Imizebenzi Yentsha: Thulile Zama, Ayanda Mthembu, Zinhle Ndaba, Malusi Mkhwanazi, Sanele Langa, Nkosi Zama

    Marianridge: Marian Coordinating Committee: Jenny Boyce, Beverly Webster, Linda Dupreez, Kathy Boyce,

    Mzinyathi: Malungisa Youth Development: Bongisipho, Mthokozisi Ngcobo, Zine Ngcobo, Sphelele Phewa

    Inanda Newtown A: Youth in Action: Mkhonza Nhlanhla, Nkosinathi Buwa, Ndumiso Sondezi, Maswazi Mkhonza, Bomgani Mzaka, Nqobule Kunene, Vukani Mahiaba

    Inanda Newtown A: Abasha: Phindilie Xulu, Nokulunga Mthethwa, Ayanda Sokele, Nosipho Maphumulo

    Inner City: UKZN Refugee Council: Mambo Mukambilwa, Oliver Babingwa

    Umlazi (G section): Umlazi Youth Organisation: Cyril Linda Vezi, Sandile Desmond Sekeleni, Nokubongo Seme

    DURBAN SINGS editorial workshops
    (post-production) with 2 delegates of 8 local teams based in Clermont, Folweni, Inanda, Marianridge, Umlazi and the inner city are taking place on 15th, and 17th-19th June from 8:30 to 4:00 in the IT lan of the History Department (we gratefully acknowledge the kind permission to use the lan). Contents of the workshops are project-orientated IT training with particular focus on audio-editing and on-line blog presentations, developing play-list of 10 clips to represent the research of each editorial team, uploading the footage archives and presenting the local audio-archives, findings of the oral history research and the work of media teams of the 8 organisations involved in the project.

    DURBAN SINGS Wolpe lecture events on 14th – 16th July:
    A collective, multimedia and interactive Wolpe lecture presented jointly with the Nigerian scholar and media activist Tunde Adegbola and the DURBAN SINGS editorial teams based in Clermont, Folweni, Inanda, Marianridge, Umlazi and the inner city. The Wolpe lecture event on 16th July is preceded by workshops and other events with Tunde and the entire editorial team, including site visits to community organisations involved in the project on the 14th July. On 16th July, a Pan-Africanist festival will be held in the inner city to celebrate the launch of DURBAN SINGS audio compilations in collaboration with members and artists of the migrant communities living in Durban.

    DURBAN SINGS on-air
    On 6 May 2009, the Canadian radio station Cjam91.5fm broadcasted remixes from the DURBAN SINGS on-line audio archive. Garth Rennie, in his show Soundscape-Rhythms introduced the project and presented a live on-air remix of DURBAN SINGS recordings and Underground Resistance, a Detroit-based Techno band.

    Links to audio:
    (Entire Show)

    DURBAN SINGS skype lectures on 29 May and 5 June 2008
    Vanguards of trans-atlantic community, media and curriculum development

    A group of 95 students at the University of Windsor CA are currently engaging with the DURBAN SINGS project as part of their Intercultural Communication Course. The students are required to deliver a written assignment about the project and produce an audio letter in response to recordings from the DURBAN SINGS on-line archive. The aim of this pilot is to test the limits and possibilities of on-line communication tools as platforms of productive activist exchange across the fields of community, media and curriculum development for local groups of possibly very diverse social and cultural backgrounds. The curriculum of the course is being re-written in on-line transit and correspondence as the recordings of two skype lecture session document:

    Details 5 June
    Details 29 May


    who is moving what in Durban communities?

    Welcome to the CCS Portal to Community Action, which is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. This page offers an online tool to promote information sharing among community groups and academic researchers we work with at CCS. The need for this site was identified as a crossroad meeting spot for activists and researchers from many kinds of backgrounds. The monthly Wolpe lectures are one such physical site, as several hundred attendees come to Howard College Auditorium the last Thursday of each month . We hope that more groups will find and join this portal. If you are a Durban community group and would like to participate with your organisation in this network please send your contact details to the address below, or call 031 260 3195. If you are a visiting local or international activist/ academic/ researcher and find entry points for interaction through this page, please contact us to become more involved. We hope that this way a network of interaction will grow and gain visibility.

    Thank you for your visit and participation

    Durban Sings
    DurbanSings is a CCS project which links many of the communities already, and which highlights audio and eventually video work by organic media activists.

    Durban Sings Audio Archive

    Audio Workshops 2008

    Youth Organisations involved with Durban Sings

    Ubuntu Babasha
    Adress: Clermont
    Interests and activities:
    Contact: Molaodi Sekake 079 622 0744,

    Imisebenzi Yentsha
    Adress: Folweni Township
    Interests and activities:
    Contact: Claribell Mthembu 074 551 7828

    Youth in Action
    Adress: Inanda (Newtown A)
    Interests and activities:
    Contact: Nhlanhla 073 793 0072

    Adress: Mznyathi
    Interests and activities:
    Contact: Bongisipho 073 501 1734,

    Youth of Westcliff Flats Residents Association
    Contact: Smantha 074 7301178

    MCC (Marian Coordinating Committee)
    Adress: Marianridge:
    Contact:Lucy Kok: 078 5220778

    SDCEA (South Durban Community Environmental Aliance)
    Adress: 224 Austerville Drive
    South Africa
    Contact: Mrs. L. Perumal 031 4613549

    MYD (Malungisa Youth Development)
    Adress: Mzinyathi:
    Contact: Mthokozisi Ngcobo 0847136846

    Umlazi Youth Organisation
    Adress: Umlazi
    Contact: Gril Linda Nezi: 073 7206104

    Durban Refugee Council
    Adress: Healing of Memory
    Mambo Mukambilwa 076 7220539

    One-week audio workshop for photographers
    February 2009
    a one-week audio workshop for photographers
    developed for the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Programme at the Market-Photo-Workshop (MPW) in Johannesburg

    The idea and trajectory of the workshop was to research with the participants and within their practice a variety of methods and concepts how audio recordings may be used by photographers in the process and/ or presentation of their work. More details on the programme and outcomes of this audio-photographic laboratory via: .
    The intensive one-week workshop concluded with a public presentation and debate of the outcomes on 28th February and provided an opportunity to test the techniques and methodology developed with the DURBAN SINGS Editorial Collectives with a different group of young people with a very specific professional orientation.

    DURBAN SINGS presentation at Wits University Digital Soiree
    24th March

    recording and remixing oral history for a global audience

    DURBAN SINGS is a regional audio media and oral history project with a story to tell. Using street recordings and internet audio archiving to create an open platform for contributions and remixes from artists and activists around the world. DURBAN SINGS is a sound network joining hemispheres via audio correspondence between listeners; building a listening bridge between communities, artists and activist groups in KZN and the rest of the world.
    blog/ archive:

    DURBAN SINGS feature on SAfm's Afternoon talk

    (play list and broadcast audio soon on the blog)

    Links to Other Community Organisations

     Community Organisations Websites
      Nyc indymedia 
     Indymedia South Africa 
     United African Alliance Community Center  
      Wits Digital Arts 
     Deepdish tv 
     Africans Way 
     Papertiger TV 
     This Is Where I Need To Be: Oral Histories of Muslim Youth in NYC  
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