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Patrick Bond at community BRICS briefing, Wentworth, 11 March

11 March 2013, Austerville Civic Centre
Hosted by SDCEA to raise awareness of Climate Change related issues, Social responses to the effects of climate change, Right 2Know and Brics


09h00 - Registration – Noluthando Mbeje
09h15 – Opening remarks & welcome - Priya Pillay

09h20 - Presentations covering the following topics:

Climate, infrastructure projects and Brics – Prof. Patrick Bond
• White elephants in Durban
• Climate implications
• Brics maldevelopment

Impacts on the environment – Mr. Wally Menne
• Sources of greenhouse gases and waste
• Impacts on biodiversity and water resources
• The spread of alien invasive plants and other pests
• Impacts on local economies – lost employment opportunities
• Worker and community health, safety and welfare

Brics – Mr. Bobby Peek
• What is Brics?
• Expansion of Bric into Brics
• Brics Statistics
• South Africa in Brics, Brics and Africa
• Brics Development Bank, Brics Summits

Economic issues – Mr. Desmond D’Sa
• The contribution of industrial production to climate change
• The need for compensation and funding for adaptation
• Changing natural climate and weather systems
• Severe weather events – increased droughts and floods
• The effects on agriculture and food security

Right2know – Mr. Roy Chetty
• Legislation on Secrecy
• Legislation on Traditional Bill
• Legislation on the Intelligence Bill

11h30 - Group discussions and report backs
12h15 - Way forward & Vote of thanks

For further information:
Desmond D’Sa (SDCEA) on 031 – 461 1991/ 083 9826939

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