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Patrick Bond at Ejolt workshop in Abuja, Nigeria, 20-21 March

EJOLT meetings: 20/21 in Abuja according to the following programme (contact,,

A) The Programme of internal EJOLT debates

Day 1: Discussions on Ecological Debt
20th morning 9 pm - 1 pm

1) An Ejolt paper on Ecological Debt, including climate debt (2013.03.07) (attached)

Reversing the arrow of arrears: A primer on the concept of “ecological debt” and its value for environmental justice. Rikard Warlenius, Gregory Pierce, Andreas Malm, Martin Oulu, Vasna Ramasar, and Alf Hornborg. Discussants: Patrick Bond, Ivonne Yanez, Joan Martinez Alier (90 mins)

2) Andreas Malm (Lund Univ.) History of British colonialism in Niger Delta, 45 m. (Godwin Ojo, Marcelo Firpo and other ERA) (30 mins)

c) Presentation and discussion of draft report on Deliverable 8.1 – J F Gerber (REEDS) Costing Liabilities in money terms and application of multicriteria evaluation. Discussants: Bea Rodriguez Labajos, Joachim Spagenberg (60 mins) (attached)

Afternoon, 3 pm- 5.30 pm

e) Presentation and discussion on draft report on Deliverable 9.1 which deals with Legal aspects of ecological debt (Conesa / Pigrau of URV) (available in advance). Discussants: Andreas Malm, Rikard Warlenius, Lucie Greyl, Leah Temper (60 mins) (to be sent)

f) Patrick Bond, Khadija Sharife, The ecological debt and reparations- can the green economy incorporate environmental liabilities determined in court cases, Should repayments for ecological debt to Basic Income Grants? Discussants: Willi Hass, Martin Oulu (60 mins) (attached)

Closing up: Joachim Spagenberg and Leida

Second day, 21st March


a) 8.30 am. Steering Committee meeting (all WP leaders or their representatives) (open to other EJOLT members present in Abuja), to consider the recommendations from Jennifer Clapp's external evaluation of EJOLT (attached), consolidate and approve a list of external collaborators of EJOLT (who are filling in Database Forms or helping in some other way). Other business. Chaired by Joachim Spagenberg (90 mins)

b) Presentation of the ongoing online EJOLT course, plans for publications out of the Reports. Scientific publications and other publications (books) 45 m. Bea R.L.

c) Presentation of the EJOLT Inventory and Maps of environmental conflicts. Leah Temper (45 m)

Afternoon, 2.30 pm

d) Draft report on “Yasunizing the World” Deliverable 4.2 (JMA, Godwin Ojo, Leah T, Ivonne Yanez), Discussants: Simron Singh, Julien Francois Gerber. 45 m (to be sent)

e) Presentation and discussion of draft report for Deliverable 4.3 which deals with legal and economic liabilities of Shell case, Chevron Texaco case and other oil extraction cases like AGIP (Lucie Greyl CDCA, ERA Godwin, Esperanza Martinez (Accion Ecologica, Oilwatch), Nnimmo Bassey if available). (Draft report available in advance). Discussants: Khadija Sharife, Leida Reijnhout 90 m (to be sent)

Conclusions: Lucie Greyl, Godwin Ojo

General Assembly and other points raised by participants

Planning for following meeting in Rome with relevant people from WPs 8 & 9.

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