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Patrick Bond presents on Commoning, Rights and Praxis at Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, 8 November

The ‘Right to the City’, limits to Rights Talk
and the need for rights to the Commons:Beyond Ostrom, urban injustice and imperfect justice in South Africa

Patrick Bond
University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society

Workshop on the Commons Berlin, 8-10 November 2013 Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

15.00/3.00 p.m: Welcome
15.15 “Warm up Round” on the Question: What are the Most Urgent
Questions on the Ostroms’s Heritage for Research, Teaching and
Struggling for Commons/Common Goods/Public Goods in Your
More Specific Social, Working and Political “Environment”
16.00/4.00 p.m.: Documentary Film by Barbara Allen
16.20 Short Remarks
16.30/4.30 p.m.: Coffee Break
17.00/5.00 p.m.: Commoning, Rights and Praxis: Patrick Bond
17.20 Comment: Danijela Dolenec
17.30 Comment: Gianmarco de Pieri
17.40 Discussion
18.40 Reflection on the Discussion: Frieder Otto Wolf

10.00/10.00 a.m.: Ostroms’ Program of Research – Michael Brie
10.20 Comment: Molly Scott
10.30 Comment: Tommaso Fattori
10.40 Discussion
11.30 Coffee Break
11.50 Discussion
12.50 Reflection of the discussion: Malgorzata Dereniowska
13.00/1 p.m. Lunch break
14.00/2.00 p.m. A Role for Cooperatives in Managing and Governing Common Pool Resources and Common Property Systems – Barbara Allen
14.20/2.20 p.m. Comment: Bob Jessop
14.30/3.30 p.m. Comment: Ewa Charkiewitz
14.40 Discussion
15.40 Reflexion on the discussion: Jack Reardon
15.50 Ostrom and Horvat: Identifying Principles of a Socialist
Governmentality - Danijela Dolenec
16.10/4.10 p.m. Coffee break
16.30 Comment: Peter Funke
16.40 Comment: Tatiana Kluvankova-Oravska
16.50 Discussion
17.50 Reflexion on the discussion: Molly Scott
18.00 Some thoughts after 1,5 Workshop Days – Stefanie Scholz,
Hans Euler
18.20 Some reaction

10.00/10.00 a.m. How Can the Language of Economics be Made Politically More Relevant – Peter Söderbaum
10.20 Comment: Özge Yaka
10.30 Discussion
11.30 Coffee Breack
11.40 Reflexion on the Discussion: Jack Reardon
11.50 “What Means All That?” – Discussion and Conclusions
for Research, Teaching and Fight for Commons/Common
Goods/Public Goods
12.45 Closing Remarks

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