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Patrick Bond lectures at Birzeit University, 6 January

PhD Program Preparatory Workshop Series (2)
Readings in Political Economy and Historical
Methods: Palestine and Beyond

This workshop is the second in a series aimed at preparing the groundwork for an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in the Social Sciences at Birzeit University, which is planned to start in September 2014. These workshops intend to integrate and benefit from the expertise of international colleagues on the major controversies, debates, and analytic traditions in the social sciences as a whole in order to gain a deeper appreciation of the complexity of modern societies, polities, and economies especially in a colonial context. This second workshop focuses on theoretical and methodological issues in two arenas of interdisciplinary studies: (1) the political economy of development as it is developing currently in various parts of the world and in Palestine and the Arab countries in particular; (2) the advanced investigation of Palestinian and Arab society, space, and history, broadly conceived.

Date: Monday - January 6, 2014
Time: 10am 3:15pm
Venue: Institute of Law Annex, Birzeit University

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