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CCS hosts CT Social Justice Coalition training on sanitation advocacy, 22 October

The People’s Plan for Sanitation and Dignity

10:00-10:15 Introductions
10:15-11:00 Presentation by the team from the Social Justice Coalition:
- Who is the Social Justice Coalition?
- What is the People’s Plan for Sanitation and Dignity?
11:00-12:00 Breakaway groups:
- Community experiences of sanitation provision
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45- 13:45 South African Human Rights Commission Report: - Report on
13:45-14:45 Remedies and Demands
14:45- 15:00 Closing

The reality tour with the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) have been successful and so was the workshop where the resolution of the follow up meeting was taken,the action such as the pooh protest was deliberated to the full extent. We will embark on action soon.

Fig 01. SJC Comrades on reality tour

Fig 02. Reality about Inanda toilets revealed as SJC comrades, taking pictures

Apparently the “movement” concerning development has occurred, after the article had appeared, the infra-structure / is being placed for flush toilets. The authority is denying that this has happened after the appearance of the article, although they seem to forget that they have admitted on the last meeting that they did not know when the toilets are going to be put for those RDP houses that were built recently, but I have not forgotten.

They have also forgotten that they could not stand “their fellow Comrade” who exposed them during the last community meeting, Sanele.

Sanele had left the committee due to threats and harassments from other Comrades so he told me. I have not yet investigated whether he really left because of that or it is because of he culture that Ramaphosa once emphasized when he was being asked to comment after he left Politics and diverted to business” long time ago. “It is not acceptable of me to speak with food in the mouth”
(Ramaphosa business breakfast, 1998).

I am not sure if Sanele have fatty piece of meat in his mouth as well, that will show sooner or later.

Fig 03, Sanele Dlamini (holding the loudhailer, chased by the ward chairperson) during the community meeting, wards

44,55, 56 – Ward 56 committee member Fig. 04 flush toilets to be placed for the second cluster of phase 01 development of wards 44, 55 &56

Fig.05 this might be adding the burden of the challenge of grey water people are faced with in this area, and might be the end of the “no toilet misery”

Most of the community members opposite where this infra-structure is being placed are not happy with the development that is going on, the reason is that they speculate that the failure of competence of the companies that are given tenders has resulted to their misery of facing the challenges of grey water as it is now and they think these new toilets will be the addition to their daily misery. “We have not been told about it, although they feel that we are not supposed to, but we would have asked them about the grey water that has been here since 2012.” Zakithi (28) unemployed.

“ I came to the meeting that you called on that day, I was disappointed that we were only three, people think that it will be the magic that will make this Municipality accountable, but that is not the case, this government have created the dependency so much that the issue of rights does not work for us anymore. They think government is doing us a favour, I saw your story and I heard Councillor talking about the people who do not speak to him, but go to the newspapers and I knew he was talking about you, the way I laughed!....I am sure and very patient that one day you will have time and take pictures of this rock that had been in here from 2012” Maliso* (52)

Maliso, which is not her name have had a challenge with the RDP house that was built on tip of the rock, the rock have partly destroyed her house and she cannot use the other bedroom. I could not take pictures of her house as she was not by her house and we met on the way, we are visiting her soon as we have secured an appointment with her since she is on medication and wanted to be sure that we find her at home.
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