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CCS hosts Durban environmental network, 15 November


PROGRAM: Nov 15th, 2014
9:00am - 9:45am MTB 602 Tea / Meet & Greet
Welcome by Sarah Bracking, Des D'Sa, V. Govender
Video on Durban Port Expansion

10:00am - 12:45pm
MTB L1 Presentation on regional affairs 5 - 10 mins each.

10:00 am 1. SDCEA Earthlife Durban Operation Phakisa

10:10 am 2. SDCEA Durban Port Expansion

10:15 am 3. LaMRAG La Mercy Desalination Plant

10:20 am 4. Biowatch Critique of Industrial Agriculture /Climate Smart Agriculture / GMOs, Promotion of Agro-Ecology and Food .

10:30 am 5. Timberwatch World Forestry Conference, Plantations, Pulp Mills

10:40 am 6. GeaSphere / SA Water Caucus KZN Water and Sanitation

10:50 am 7. Ground Work Fracking / Coal / Power / Bhopal, India

11:00 am 8. Greenpeace Durban Climate Change

11:10 am 9. Right2Know Joanne Adams: Do we have a Right 2 Know ?

11:20 am 10. Sarah Bracking Climate Change & Protecting the coastline in Kwa Zulu, Natal.

11:30am 11. Marina Ciardo * Recycling, Job Creation, Youth Engagement in Italy.

11:40am 12. Events in 2014/2015
a. March Against Monsanto
b. Sept 2015
c. Sept 2015
d. COP 21 - DEC 11

11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Questions & Answers * Define Action Items.
Questions from the audience to the panel of presenters regarding regional issues.

Each group will establish 5 of its regional action items established by the general discussion on items from the program.
This should include organizing networks locally to expand your respective bases.
Religious houses of Worship, Schools, Unions, Business Associations, and such.
Social Media Networks must interface and network efficiently sharing and cross posting on events calendars.
Continued organizing is key to coordinated and efficient mobilization.
Regionalize issues that are challenges in your community as it relates to the environment.

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm MTB 602 Lunch

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm MTB L1 Break Out Session on Action Items
Each group will discuss its Action Plan for 2015 and address its needs assessment:
What do we need to do make this happen ?
What outcomes are we projecting to accomplish ?
How do we empower our local communities to now own the Action Plan for 2015 and begin to take action.
Each group will discuss potential dates for mass mobilization with allies at the Environmental Network and select a date for mobilization around issues addressed in your Action Plan.
Cop 21 - Dec 11th, 2015
Bhopal India Disaster Memorial
World Forestry Conference
March Against Monsanto
More options from the discussion....

3:00pm - 4:00pm
MTB L1 Action Plan vs Timeline with the whole group.
Each group leader will present its Action Plan 2015 to the group.

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