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Patrick Bond talks on extractivism, BRICS sub-imperialism and South Africa, 30-31 May

Extractivisms, North and South and in Between
Sunday 12 noon – 1:50 pm in room 1.101
With Brian Tokar (Chair), Patrick Bond (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Don Fitz (Green Party of St. Louis),Eric Pineault (University of Quebec at Montréal & IRIS), Marcela Olivera (Red Vida)

As a number of economies North and South engage in the “race for what’s left” around key natural resources, extractivism is playing an increasingly central role in their capitalist development and accumulation patterns. Extractivism and now neo-extractivism, are hotly debated throughout the left globally. For some it is seen as the only option for growth, and thus it must be socialized and mobilized as a lever of social and economic development. For others, it only enhances dependence on capitalist world markets controlled by monopolistic corporations, a problem further exacerbated by its ecological contradictions and reliance on practices of dispossession. The panel will explore three different cases where extractivism is currently debated, contested and resisted: BRICS countries, Latin America and Canada.

Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism Today

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Session 3 8.72
Sat 03:15pm - 05:00pm
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Lenin had written in Imperialism that, The receipt of high monopoly capital …makes it economically possible for them to corrupt certain sections of the working class .. and for a time a fairly considerable minority and win them to the side of the bourgeoisie of a given industry or nation against all others.” This quote from Lenin is most art in the era of financialization when the military management of the international is hidden by humanitarianism and psychological warfare against all citizens of the world. The new forms of military, cultural economic, financial and humanitarian imperialism are not always understood by progressive forces leading the inability to properly organize anti-imperialist forms of resistance. This panel seeks to elaborate on the nature of imperialism today and the tasks of the Left to build a genuine anti-imperialist movement to build a new society and a new internationalism.


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