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Tri Continental Film Festival Screenings at CCS 21-24 October

1. THE MARCH OF THE WHITE ELEPHANTS CCS Seminar Room 21 October 12:00 -2:00
2. DEMOCRATS CCS Seminar Room 22 October 10:00 -12:00
3. INCORRUPTIBLE CCS Seminar Room 23 October 12:00 -2:00
4.THE SHORE BREAK CCS Seminar Room 24 October 12:00-2:00 pm

Tri Continental Film Festival Catalogue 2015
Tri Continental Film Festival Durban Schedule 2015

Portuguese/English with English Subtitles • 2015 • Brazil/ South Africa • 52 mins • Director: Craig Tanner

The March of the White Elephants debunks the conventional wisdom that staging a World Cup in compliance with the FIFA model delivers sustainable benefits to the population of the host country. It reveals the real legacy of the FIFA World Cup - state of the art stadiums that were built to stage a four-week tournament will stand idle for decades to come, soaking up funds needed for health, housing and education.

Filmed primarily during the high energy protests against the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the story tracks a left-wing journalist who is upset about how his country has been abused. Through his eyes the film moves between the streets and the commentary of those close to the inner workings of the FIFA machine.

In short, the film shows how FIFA prowls the globe, pocketing billions and leaving host countries with a legacy of empty stadiums and social distress.

South Africa is not left out. In 2010, we hosted the World Cup. The March of the White Elephants takes us back to get direct testimony from South African social activists who make it clear that from their perspective FIFA is a modern day parasite abusing people’s love of the beautiful game.
World Premiere

Shona/English • 2014 • Denmark • 99 mins
• Director: Camilla Nielsson

In politically unstable Zimbabwe, a new constitution is being put together by the ruling party of strongman Robert Mugabe and the divided opposition.

Two men are tasked with a mammoth mission to consult Zimbabweans across the country.

The unlikeliest of allies, Paul Mangwana of ZANU-PF and Douglas Mwonzora of opposition MDC-T, travel around the country holding mass meetings in what is supposed to be a highly democratic process of public consultation. But it will take a miracle to break down the rising tension between their parties and themselves, as they collaborate to find a solution to a growing political storm.

Amidst death threats they soldier on, but will their mission be a success?

Tribeca: Best Documentary
DocAviv Film Festival: Best
International Film
CPH: DOX Award: Honorable
Mention, CPH: DOX Award: Reel
Talent Award

French with English Subtitles • 2015 • USA/Senegal • 94 mins • Director: E. Chai Vasarhelyi

In the Spring of 2011, Senegal was pitched into crisis when President Abdoulaye Wade decided to change the constitution to allow for a third term. An artist-led youth movement erupted to protect one of Africa’s oldest and most stable democracies.

In a country where 70% of the population is under 30 – like much of the global South – the Y’en a Marre (Enough is Enough) movement caught fire. After 12 years of corruption and nepotism, of high food and gasoline prices, of constant power outages, and schools shuttered because of striking teachers, the constitutional crisis had become the last straw for the people of Senegal.

Engaged with other youth movements around the world, Y’en a Marre learned hard lessons from the Arab Spring, and responded to the situation in Senegal by calling for the restoration of accountable representative democracy.

In a time where democracy is under siege in many parts of the world, including South Africa, Incorruptible offers a positive, hopeful example while at the same time honestly examining the sustainability of a peoples’ movement, and the role that youth are taking in shaping the future of their own country. Featuring music superstar Youssou Ndour.

South African Premiere


Los Angeles Film Festival: Best
Documentary (Nomination)
Festival Appearances: LA Film
Festival 2015, Shefield Doc/Fest 2015

IsiXhosa/English with English Subtitles • 2014 • South Africa • 90 mins • Director: Ryley Grunenwald

In the Amadiba area, on South Africa’s stunning Wild Coast, the Pondo people have tended their traditional way of life for centuries. Nonhle, a young local eco-tour guide, is a staunch supporter of her people and the endangered environment on which their livelihood and culture depend.

Her cousin Madiba, a local entrepreneur and self-proclaimed modernizer, is fully supportive of a titanium-mining proposal and the government’s controversial plan to build a highway across their tribal ground. Tired of his community living without good access to employment, hospitals and schools, Madiba uses every backhanded method imaginable, scurrilously courting private capital and questionable government officials. While the South African President deposes the pro-environment Pondo Royal Family, Nonhle rallies inspiring support with little more than dogged determination.

Featuring arresting cinematography, beautiful sand animation and sensational original music, The Shore Break delivers both a visually and emotionally riveting fight to the finish.

International Environmental FF: Best Documentary
Encounters: Audience Choice award
IDFA: World View Award
DIFF: Audience Award, Amnesty
International Human Rights Award

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