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Patrick Bond addresses Women in Mining (Womin) conference on movement building, 7 March

1. To create a nurturing space to tap into women’s power within (individual) and
women’s collective power.
2. To build the politics and practice of an African sisterhood.
3. To build a layer of ecofeminist activists and leaders for the work of WoMin.
4. To build the political base of WoMin.
5. To build an analysis of the nexus of patriarchy and capitalism as relevant to extraction
and climate justice issues.
6. To build a collective vision of post-extractivist, African, ecofeminist development.
7. To provide an experience which allows participants to understand feminist popular
education as a process, practice and strategy.

Themes to be elaborated in the ten-day school:
• Patriarchy
• The personal is the political
• African feminism
• History of capitalism and extractivism in the 20th and 21st centuries
• Understanding power
• Strategy and action
• Resistance
• Activist well-being


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