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SIT Study Abroad: South Africa: Globalisation and Development, October 29- November 5

In this focus week, we explore development advocacy in a variety of forms, with specific attention to the concrete development problems faced by poor and working people in Durban and surrounding areas. We will be ‘co-taught’ by 10 members of community organisations who can link theory, policy and national/local issues to their own community/household struggles and power relations. The course will run each morning from 10am and break at 3:30pm. A variety of lecturers, researchers and leaders from CCS and community allies will be facilitating the discussions.

Participants will receive a reading package with core materials – one paper for each seminar session – on 29 October. The facilitators will assume that participants will have read each of the papers provided, and be prepared to discuss them.

In addition, all participants will have access to a DVD and CD that include both three dozen videos plus a vast library of seminal readings on development, some of which may be accessed during the week.

Two site visits will be arranged with objectives to give SIT students exposure to real development challenges in especially areas of housing, land, and basic services, along with consideration of development advocacy strategies, tactics and alliances by civil society organisations.

The agenda, with facilitators/issues, is Here

Ntokozo Mthembu
031-260 2116 or 076 1694 690

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