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Civil Society & Development Course

Masters Degree – Development Studies, Population Studies
Civil Society & Development Course – 4th Quarter 2012

The Civil Society and Development course is designed to introduce students to the concept of civil society and the influence and impact of civil society organisations on development trajectories. It will explore various theories and interpretations of civil society from societas civilis to global civil society, review debates on NGOs and the rise of new social movements and analyse state / civil society relations with reference to democratisation and development. There will be a specific focus on civil society in South Africa. The course will also examine philanthropy and social entrepreneurship within the ambit of the civil society sector.


Theories and Interpretations: From Societas Civilis to Global Civil Society.

NGOs – Great Expectations?

The Rise of New Social Movements – A Counterbalancing Force?

Civil Society in Africa.

The Evolution of Civil Society in South Africa –Social Movements and Contemporary Struggles.

State-Civil Society Relations: Promoting Democracy and Development?

Globalization and Global Civil Society – The World Social Forum.

Philanthropy v Charity and Social Justice.

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Transformation.

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