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CCS Webinar: How to get an abortion legally when it’s illegal?

Facilitators: Andries Motau & Danford Chibvongodze 
Speaker: Eva Ptašková 
Date: Thursday, 26 August 2021
Time: 16:00-17:00 SA Time 
Zoom Link:

Topic: On October 22, 2020, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the law allowing abortions in cases of health issues and malformations of the foetus is unconstitutional. The ruling tightened already one of the strictest reproductive laws in Europe and effectively banned vast majority of legal abortions in the country. Poland went into a frenzy and despite Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings, a wave of unprecedented protests moved the nation. Protests that in their size challenge those ending the Communist rule in 1989. But how much has really changed after the ruling for those getting abortions and those helping with safe access to them? 

Speaker Bio is a reproductive rights activist based in The Czech Republic. She works as a volunteer for the organisation Ciocia Czesia. An informal collective in the Czech Republic, Ciocia Czesia is one of numerous organisations working from outside of the Polish border, helping people from Poland with access to legal and safe abortion abroad. The collective was created as the latest puzzle piece in the network of Polish abortion help, soon after the October 2020 Constitutional Tribunal decision which led to almost absolute ban on legal abortion in the country. 

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