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China Ngubane reports from Durban's latest service delivery protest

Pictures from Mariannridge taken on Wednesday, 25 July. Most of the roads were cleared but it is evident that the protest was big and well organized.

We met a number of community members who said the protest was as a result of poor service delivery and that there has never been development since the councilor was employed. It was a pity to hear that the Councilor needs someone to interpret for him in Zulu. All roads in the community were closed and burning. Schools are closed today, and the community will meet with government officials on Friday at a community hall at 9am; we were welcomed to attend. Local residents appreciated our visit and welcomed Des D'Sa's proposal that we unite all struggles. We further visited other areas including Chartsworth, Crossmore, and Shallcross where living conditions are deplorable. Shacks and transit camps were visible as we traveled throughout, and we had a feeling that a lot more has to be done to mobilize these communities so that we can start working together.

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