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CCS Special Webinar Series: Covid-19. June - July 2020

Our Seminar Series has moved online - please join us for webinar discussions on the theme of Covid-19 related to political leadership, health, education, the environment, constitutional & social rights, spatial planning and civil society. We will be engaging with scholar and student activists as well as activists from the TAC, R2K and groundWork.

Facilitators: Danford Chibvongodze & Andries Motau

Topic: South Africa’s Covid-19 Response and Political Leadership

Speaker: Lubna Nadvi

Date & Time: Wednesday 3 June, 2020 01:20 PM

Topic: The response by the South African government to the challenge of Covid 19, has received mixed and varied responses. While President Ramaphosa and his cabinet have been largely commended for their swift action in putting various measures in place to address the issue of the spread of the Corona virus, the consequences of some of these measures and the decisions taken by the Corona Virus Command Council have drawn sharp criticism from broader civil society.  This presentation seeks to explore some of these measures as well as the criticisms that have been levelled against them.

Speaker Bio: Lubna Nadvi teaches and researches in the field of Political Science and International Relations in the School of Social Sciences, UKZN. She is also a community activist and comments frequently on current affairs in the mainstream media.

Topic: The South African Civil Society Response to Covid-19: The good, the bad, the ugly

Speaker: Mark Heywood

Date & Time: Wednesday 10 June 2020, 01:20 PM Johannesburg

Topic: The discussion will look at how civil society has responded to the Covid-19 crisis and particularly the lessons learnt, or not, from the HIV epidemic. Just as Covid-19 has exposed the fault lines of inequality and revealed a state unable to rise to the social crisis catalysed by Covid-19, it has also exposed the fault lines within civil society. What are they? We are still in the early days of the crisis. The question is will civil society rise to the challenge and is it strong enough to shape the post-Covid-19 reconstruction?

Speaker Bio: Mark Heywood is editor of Maverick Citizen, a section of the Daily Maverick that focusses on social justice and activism. He is a socialist political activist, one of the founders of the TAC and a co-founder of SECTION27.

Topic: Funding the Basic Income Grant (BIG) in SA Post Covid-19

Speaker: Dominic Brown

Date & Time: Wednesday 17 June 2020, 01:20 PM Johannes